Wirecutter TV Antenna

A good TV antenna can provide you with hours of entertainment for a fraction of the cost of a subscription. With HDTV antennas and TVs, all that’s needed is an OTA antenna to get free news, sports, and popular shows. A good antenna is a must-have whether you plan on cutting the cable or just want a backup option when the cable is down.

The TV antennas we review are carefully tested and hand-tested in the field to find the best TV antennas, from basic indoor antennas to amplified models and large outdoor antennas. Our reviews not only compare the number of channels being drawn in and whether they can be watched, but also the equipment that comes with the antenna, and how easy it is to use. A team of industry experts will also offer advice on how to get the best reception using your TV antenna.

We reviewed the following seven TV antennas originally:

Top 10 Wirecutter TV Antenna In 2022

1. Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V TV Antenna

Antennas Direct ClearStream 2V TV Antenna, 60+ Mile Range, UHF/VHF, Multi-directional, Indoor, Attic, Outdoor, Mast w/Pivoting Base/Hardware/ Adjustable Clamp, Sealing Pads, 4K Ready, Black – C2-V-CJM
  • Best performance among all Antennas rated in the 60 Mile category [note: location, obstructions, and building materials affect reception]
  • Receive free TV from networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS, Univision, MeTV and more in FullHD 1080 where available
  • Dedicated UHF and VHF multi-directional elements deliver range and reception in less than ideal locations
  • Includes clear stream 2V antenna, 20in mount, all-weather mounting hardware, and instructions (coaxial cable sold separately)

2. Tv Antenna Indoor, Digital Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna

TV Antenna Indoor, Digital Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna, 1080p VHF UHF Television Local Channels Detachable Signal Amplifier and 16.5ft Longer Coax Cable
  • WEATHER RESISTANT - 250 miles TV antenna is for indoor using. HD Antenna indoor is lightning protected, durable design - don’t get struck out by bad weather. If you have any questions installing or using our indoor TV antenna, please feel free to contact us. We will help you solve any problem, enjoy it with confidence.
  • UP TO 250 MILES RANGE - HD TV antenna can reach up to 250 miles and can be placed almost everywhere at home. With extra long 16.5ft coaxial cable, you can place the indoor antenna where the signal. Makes indoor TV antenna easier to get the best reception, especially for whose televisions are quite far away from windows.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Follow the instructions, can install in minutes. With Our TV antenna NO MORE NEED TO PAY A HUGE BILL ON TV. Our smart new booster has a built-in smart IC chip that filters out cellular and FM signals for a clearer picture and lower noise for more free TV and enhanced gain and range. Enjoy Free Channels Now!
  • DETACHABLE AMPLIFIER SIGNAL BOOSTER - HD antenna amplifier to provide added range and maximum signal reception for more channels if you are far away from broadcast towers. If a signal cannot be received with the external amplifier or your house is very close to the broadcast tower (within 35 Miles), remove the antenna amplifier and try again.
  • HDTV CHANNELS - Vansky HD Antenna lets you have over-the-air networks in your area and get access to local news, weather, sitcoms, kids, sports and educational programs etc. LIFETIME TOOL TO RECEIVE CHANNELS WITHOUT MONTHLY FEE!!! The HD indoor antenna can receive 4K 1080p channels including ABC, CBS, NBS, PBS, Fox, univision and more.

3. Digital HDTV Antenna – Includes Magnetic Base and Coaxial Cable

Digital HDTV Antenna - Includes Magnetic Base and Coaxial Cable - 50 Mile Range - Indoor or Outdoor
  • Setup is Easy with the Magnetic Base - Use the 2” magnetic base to keep your new digital antenna for smart TVs stealthily tucked away. We recommend attaching it to the bracket that holds up your TV or on the back of the TV itself. The shape of the antenna helps it fit snugly, behind your TV.
  • Reliable Satellite and Cable TV Alternative - Stay connected with the latest in TV technology with this digital antenna. Experience over-the-air broadcasts transmitted in uncompressed full HD. Enjoy watching your smart TV anytime, even when the satellite signal or cable connection is weak or unavailable.
  • 360 Degree Reception with Omnidirectional Antenna - Our black 3.87” HD antenna can receive signals from any direction from up to 50 miles away. You’ll enjoy a crystal clear picture whether you attach the antenna to your TV stand or wall - all with no extra power source required.
  • Supports 1080P and 4K - You’ll enjoy great HD picture quality with this digital antenna as long as your TV supports it. And don’t worry - if you upgrade TVs soon, this portable device easily disconnects from your old TV so you can use it on the new one.

4. WeGuard TV Antenna – HDTV Antenna

WeGuard TV Antenna - HDTV Antenna Support 4K 1080P, 130 Miles Range Digital Antenna for HDTV, VHF UHF Channels Antenna with Amplifier Signal Booster - 18 Ft Premium Coaxial Cable
  • Full Channels: Our HD antenna can receive full HD channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC, Fox and so much more. With amplified TV antenna start to access all of the news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs.
  • 130 Miles Range: Hang the indoor antenna on a window or wall, or a better position where owns better reception in your House. Our indoor TV antenna is able to reach up to 130 Miles range depend on the area.
  • Strong Signal Reception: Our technology constantly scans and filters out all kind of local signals resulting in clearer picture, low noise and access to stronger TV signals with enhanced gain, range and frequency performance.
  • 18 Feet Customized Coaxial Cable: Makes our tv antenna easier for you to place it in your house to get the best reception, especially for customers whose televisions are quite far away from windows.
  • Watch TV at Home or On The Go — Our versatile digital HDTV antenna works great in your bedroom, living room, or game room. It also works as a portable HD antenna in your tractor-trailer or RV on your next trip.

5. ANTAN Indoor Window HDTV Antenna

No products found.

6. GE Ultra Edge Indoor TV Antenna

GE Ultra Edge Indoor TV Antenna, Slim Home Decor Reversible Black White, 4K 1080P VHF UHF, Long Range Antenna, Digital, HDTV Antenna, Smart TV Compatible, 6Ft Coaxial Cable, 11264
  • FULL HD CRYSTAL CLEAR TV AND HD SOUND QUALITY – Our indoor TV antenna has superior reception for both VHF and UHF signals, receiving uncompressed 1080p signal
  • UNIVERSAL VIEWING - works with all brands of HDTVs and converter boxes with superior signal and outstanding picture quality for quality VHF and UHF reception
  • ABSOLUTELY FREE HD CHANNELS – Ditch expensive cable and satellite bills and continue viewing your favorite shows in Full HD on channels such as ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Fox and much more with access to all the current events, sitcoms, kids, and sports programs without the monthly bill
  • MULTIPLE DISPLAY OPTIONS – The black or white reversible sides provide options to display to match any home decor and you have the choice to lay the antenna flat or mount it on the wall

7. Philips Ultra-Thin Fabric HD TV Antenna

Philips Ultra-Thin Fabric HD TV Antenna, Reversible Dark Gray Fabric White Design, Supports 4K 1080P VHF UHF, Long Range Indoor Digital HDTV Antenna, Smart TV Compatible, SDV3219N/27
  • multiple mounting options - lay your antenna flat or mount it on a wall with the included mounting supplies. both display options offer easy installation. for the best reception, place this indoor antenna as high as possible or near a window.
  • cut the cord – ditch expensive cable and satellite services and continue viewing your favorite local shows in full 1080p high definition at no cost. enhanced reception and a perfect signal make this 4k ultra hd-ready antenna the ideal counterpart to streaming your favorite digital content.
  • u.s.-based technical support – backed by a limited-lifetime replacement pledge and free u.s.-based technical support that is available monday – friday, 7am-8am, central time to assist with any questions or issues.
  • broad spectrum long range – designed for use with all brands of tvs and converter boxes, this philips indoor tv antenna provides crystal-clear reception of hdtv, vhf and uhf channels up to 40 miles from the broadcast source.
  • ultra-thin, reversible design - the stylish, modern reversible design allows you to choose a crisp, white or sophisticated dark gray fabric finish to match your home décor.

8. TV Antenna -Amplified HD Indoor Digital TV Antenna

TV Antenna -Amplified HD Indoor Digital TV Antenna Long 380+ Mile Range Antenna Support 4K 1080p Fire Stick and All Television Outdoor Smart HDTV Antenna for Local Channel -17ft Coax Cable
  • 🌷【Portable Antena On The Go 】- Portable anenna can use everywhere! Our versatile digital HDTV antenna works great in your bedroom, living room, or game room. It also works as a portable HD antenna in your tractor-trailer or RV on your next trip. Just connect it via the 17 coaxial cable, and you’ll be ready to watch many of free local channels.
  • 🌷【Stylish Thin Design】 - Unique black classic and trendy fashionable tones can be well matched with your decor and surroundings. Soft ultra thing design is more delicate and lightweight, which is allow you hide it at your desired position. Antennas is easy to install. Just connect to AN/IN ports of HDTV or set top box, power the antennae by plugging the USB connector into a charging port on the HDTV or into outlet with power adapter.
  • 🌷【Full HD Channels】Enjoy hundreds of hdtv programming with no pixelation, digital HDTV Antenna start to access the news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs!The HD indoor antenna can receive absolutely 0 COST channels including abc,cbs, nbc,pbs,fox, univision and more.
  • 🌷【380+ Miles Long Range Antenna】380+ Miles signal reception range, equip with new type switch control amplifier booster for more channels . The new technology filter out cellular and FM signals, bring clear pictures, low noise and access to broadcast signals .If the antenna can't receive channel or receive less channels with current range, please turn the amplifier to another range, and you should have to search again after switching.
  • 🌷【Easy to Install】- Enjoy our indoor antenna .Our HD free unlimited antenna brings you your favorite channels at no cost so you can ditch expensive cable.

9. Portable Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna

No products found.

10. UltraPro Amplified TV Antenna

UltraPro Amplified TV Antenna, Indoor Bar Design, Long Range, Supports 4K 1080P HD Digital VHF UHF, Smart TV Indoor Antenna, Amplifier Signal Booster, Black, 47331
  • Universal, Long-Range Antenna – Designed for use with all brands of TVs and converter boxes, this indoor amplified antenna with built-in PureAmp Technology filters noise and boosts the signal, providing enhanced, crystal-clear reception of HDTV, VHF and UHF channels up to 50 miles from the broadcast source.
  • Free HD Channels – Ditch expensive cable and satellite service and still enjoy your favorite local shows in full 1080p HD. Enhanced reception makes this 4K Ultra HD-ready antenna ideal for streaming digital content.
  • Simple Setup – Connect the antenna to the TV, and then connect the amplifier to the antenna and a power source. Mount the antenna on the wall or place on a tabletop with the included stand and perform a channel scan to pull in available channels in your area.
  • Exceptional Style and Performance – The long, sleek bar design replaces traditional dipoles and is engineered to enhance VHF signal reception for the highest number of over-the-air channels available in your area. It seamlessly blends with any décor or home theater setup and can be mounted above your TV for maximum performance. There’s no need for unsightly square or rabbit-ear antennas that take up space. This slim bar antenna is the perfect complement to your entertainment system.

Which TV Antennas Are The Best?

Mohu Leaf Supreme Pro is the best TV antenna overall since it offers that flat, mudflap design with an extra-wide profile and an amplifier to increase the number of channels you can watch. You can even find the best reception spot with an integrated signal strength meter.

We recommend Winegard’s Elite 7550 Outdoor HDTV Antenna if you need the best reception. With a range of 70 miles, it can pull in channels that are difficult to receive with a smaller indoor antenna.

The Mohu Leaf Metro is our budget pick. In a channel-rich environment, its small size and good reception make it ideal for city dwellers. Its low price is also a plus.

Black Friday TV Antenna Deals Are Here

Televisions and TV accessories are already on sale during Black Friday.

Our Black Friday TV deals page has lots of great TV discounts, but you can also get great deals on TV and home theater gear, including indoor and outdoor TV antennas. We will be covering all sorts of TV accessories over the holiday season, so keep an eye out for our coverage. 

Choosing The Right Antenna For Your Needs

Wirecutter TV Antenna
TV Antenna

There’s no better way to get live TV at the lowest price: Free! If you’re shopping for a TV antenna, you’re in luck. Nevertheless, you should ensure that the TV antenna you pick up at the store is the one that will work for you before you buy it.

Location and range: 

It’s likely you can pull in several stations within a 10- or 20-mile radius if you live or near a city, as long as you have a small antenna or powered amplifier. For those who live more than 30 miles from their local broadcast tower, an amplified receiver is recommended. When an antenna is rated for 50 miles or more, then either it will be an outdoor unit or it will be equipped with an amplifier to amplify its reception, if not both.

Indoor or outdoor:

Due to obstructions such as walls and trees, an outdoor antenna might be required based on your building and the surrounding environment. Due to their size and ability to work at heights, rooftop masts are ideal for outdoor antennas.

Non-amplified or amplified:

An amplified antenna with a signal strength booster can help improve the reception of weak signals. To add insult to injury, a second power outlet would have to be given up and another device would have to be hooked up. The price would also go up.

Indoor antennas that are not amplified often sell for between $20 and $40, but there are several affordable TV antennas that sell for less than $20 and provide sufficient performance. Amplified antennas, which may be purchased for between $30 and $100, can improve performance. In contrast to inside antennas, outside antennas cost $100 or more and are the most effective.

Antenna Advice From Our Experts

If you want to watch free local channels without a cable subscription, you’ll need an antenna. There’s no need for a television to utilize this method, and it works with even the cheapest TV antenna, even $12 bunny ears. Visitors who don’t have a television or pay a monthly fee were only introduced to USB tuners.)

However, installing an antenna will not solve all of your issues with free television programming. Only a small portion of the problem can be solved with more amplifiers and better antennas.

To determine your antenna’s range and whether you should go with an indoor or outdoor type, it’s recommended that you perform some preliminary research beforehand. Enter your address or ZIP code into AntennaWeb.org to see which stations are airing in your area.

Considering ATSC 3.0’s current and projected growth, are you worried about its future viability? Your current antenna will continue to function and may even be able to get additional channels under the new standard. Unavailable tuners and ATSC 3.0-ready televisions are the only two options available at this time.

Smart TVs And Streaming Devices Can Be Used With A TV Antenna

Broadcast television will continue to be a source of entertainment, despite the rise of streaming services like Netflix and HBO NOW. It’s possible to view local news and sports for free without having to pay for additional membership services with an HDTV antenna. An antenna can be utilized even if you have a smart TV or one of the best streaming devices.

Broadcast channels can also be streamed on the best smart TVs for streaming. The TV scans for channels and generates a channel guide in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, certain streaming devices are specifically built to send OTA content. If you don’t want to switch channels or use numerous remotes at the same time, you may just use the TV’s built-in tuner. With the Amazon Fire TV Recast, you may record over-the-air video (OTA) and watch it on your TV using the same interface that you use for streaming video.

You may also want to check out our other TV antenna picks for the greatest reception:

A Method Of Testing TV Antennas

In the same New York City apartment, we tested all of the TV antennas and received hundreds of channels from a variety of broadcasters. Each antenna is connected to a Samsung 4K TV in order to maintain the TV tuner working. To ensure uniformity, all antennas are placed in the same position.

Over 100 free over-the-air channels are available in Manhattan, making it an excellent place to experiment with antenna ranges. In terms of capturing channels, long-range antennas with better sensitivity outperform short-range antennas with lesser sensitivity. The clarity of the channels can also be used to gauge reception quality. Better antennas will draw in more channels, resulting in more interesting findings.

You may get different results than we did. Channel selection is influenced by the number of broadcasters in your area and any restrictions on broadcasting over the air (such as buildings, trees, and mountains).


Can I watch free TV without an antenna?

“TVs must have that feature if they are classified as TVs,” Zeglin explained. A simple antenna is all you need to receive local channels free of charge. It should be plugged in much like a cable or satellite connection.

How effective are HDTV antennas?

To pick up over-the-air programming, an indoor digital antenna connects to a single TV. The easiest antenna to install, but not all people will benefit from it. If you want to improve the signal of a digital TV antenna, you might try moving it closer to the window or higher up on the wall.

How do I choose a TV antenna?

The best signal reception is achieved with a directional antenna when the distance between you and the transmitter exceeds 50 miles. Generally, if you live in a “border” area where there are towers in two locations facing the same general direction, you need an antenna that is multi-directional.

Which TV antenna has the longest range?

JeJe’s outdoor amplified antenna has a reception range of up to 150 miles, making it one of the strongest antennas on the market. HDTV is supported by this device, as well as UHF, FM, and VHF reception.

A TV antenna should be placed indoors where it will be most effective?

Place the indoor antenna by a window in an attic or on a second story if possible. You should try several different attic locations if interference occurs from objects in the room or roof materials.


With the best antenna money can buy, you can drastically improve your TV watching experience. Analog antennas are no longer needed for digital signals. An HD receiver that has good reception for miles around and picks up all the stations in high definition is all you need! Here are some tips on choosing the best television set for your viewing needs, if you’re not sure what type of set will be right for you.