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Ninja Foodi Air Fryer Review

Air fryers are great food preparation appliances. They cut down the use of electricity and oil. As such, they are not only economical but also give off healthier outcomes. Ninja foodi air fryer is a new addition to the list of trendy air fryers.

With many of these apparatus in existence, finding the right one may not be really easy. That is why you need the appropriate guidance to that end.

Our team of certified researchers has just concluded a study of perhaps one of the best quality air fryers which the market has to offer.

This is the Ninja Foodi Air Fryer. We are going to look into every aspect of the appliance with the aim of explaining how suitable for your use.ninna foodi

Brand History

Ninja Kitchen, the manufacturer of this appliance is a well-established authority in the field of cooking equipment. It started out in 1998 in Montreal, Canada. As we speak, the company is based in Needham, Massachusetts.

The brand prides itself on the provision of innovative and highly functional products. This has earned it a reputation of being one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances world over.

Outstanding Features And Benifitsninja foodi air fryer

Below are the topnotch features of this wonderful appliance:

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Pressure Cooker

At its core is the pressure cooker. With this, it is possible for you to transform even the toughest ingredients into juicier, tenderer and favor-packed meals.

The pressure cooker cuts down the energy requirements to give off the desired ends at fractions of the costs you would otherwise expend. This is besides the relatively safe use and operations.

Air Fryer

Next comes the air fryer. This one allows you to bake, broil, roast, and even crisp foods. It makes use of hot air to accomplish these tasks.

Given its thorough features and functionality, the air fryer segment of the appliance yields some golden-brown perfection.

It also goes beyond to cut down the time you would ordinarily require to achieve the awesome ends you have in mind.

Tender Crisper

As you may have guessed, this feature exists to make your recipes crisper and tenderer. Most foods tend to be too dry and crunchy when fried or passed through hot air.

The dryness and crunchy natures may definitely interfere with the flavor. Thanks to this feature, the appliance guarantees only juicy outcomes that are great to chew and swallow.

360 Meals

With this appliance, it is possible for you to handle a whopping 360 meals. Examples of these are vegetables proteins, and grains.

Unlike many other appliances of its kind, this one allows you to cook foods of different flavors at a time!

While at it, the appliance does not compromise the flavors of the outcome and also cuts down the time needed to achieve the final outcomes.

4 Quart Cook & Crisp Basket

Its cooking compartment comes in the form of a 4-quart cook-and-crisp basket. This one is sufficiently large to be able to handle the whole family’s needs. Its interior does not stick by virtue of the ceramic material coating.

Unlike many other appliances, this one is completely devoid of the harmful PTFE/PFOA substances. On accounts of these traits, the basket is easier to keep clean after the use.

Comparison Table

Positive Side
  • Crisps foods to give off awesome outcomes
  • Takes half the time needed to achieve the end results
  • Handles many cooking methods ‘under one roof’
  • Its outcomes are finer and full of flavor
  • Avails water right where you need it
Negative Side
  • Tackles many ingredients in one go

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ninja Foodi a good air fryer?

– YES, it is! This appliance is packed with many vital features that greatly expedite food preparation exercises. Moreover, it typically handles many cooking methods and applications.

Examples of these include dehydration, broiling, roasting, baking, air crisping, and searing, to name but a few!

Is the Ninja Foodi worth it?

-YES, it is! We have already explained that it tackles many cooking methods in one comprehensive package and ‘under one roof.’

This means that by purchasing it, you get to save greatly on your costs of operations and at the same time drive higher returns on your investments. This is not to mention the spacious interior that holds much food.

Is the Ninja Foodi easy to clean?

-YES, it is! Its interior does not stick. Also, it is packed with many automated controls that prevent it from overheating foods and making them leave behind much undesirable debris.

Moreover, most of its constituent parts and components are also removable. All these make for smooth and hassle-free cleanliness and maintenance.

Which is a better pressure cooker or air fryer?

A. The air fryer is undoubtedly the better of these two cooking appliances. The air fryers are able to handle many cooking applications. They also save greatly on space and take up limited electrical energy.

As regards safety, the air fryers are equipped with tons of safety features that are there to safeguard you while in use.

Can air fryer explode?

-YES, it can! We have explained that it does comprise a pressure cooker segment. If and when to much hot air accumulates in this segment, the same might boil out and explode.

Luckily, this ought not to happen at all. That is because the appliance is loaded with plenty of safety features. Among these are safety valves, vents, and thermostats.


It is not really a wise thing to read through the explanations above and fail to take any concrete actions. That is why we now challenge you to try your hand on this appliance. Just go to the leading auction sites to find out how much it costs.

Then, make an order as soon as possible. Could it be that you still want further information or guidance on Ninja Foodi AIr Fryer? Just talk to us. We care for the success and wellbeing of our clients.

That is why we never hesitate to offer the support if and when they need to do so arises. When are you placing an order?