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Is Air Fryer Same As An Oven?

Air Fryers are a fairly invention in the world of cooking appliances and in this short time they have become very popular. They cook food by circulating hot air around the inside of the fryer and food can be cooked with just a tablespoon of oil. An oven is a cooking gadget literally used by everyone who loves to cook. Today we will seek the answer Is Air Fryer Same As An Oven or not.

Air Fryer Working Process

Air Fryers are often used to cook food that would otherwise be deep-fried. There is an element in the fryer close to the food that will be heated up. This element heats the air within the fryer which is then circulated around the rest of the fryer.

Every part of the food receives exactly the same temperature when cooking, so the food will cook evenly. You can also be sure that food such as a chicken has cooked all the way through before serving.

Cooking in an air fryer is carried out by Rapid Air Technology. The hot air within the fryer can reach temperatures of up to 390 degrees and circulates around the unit at high speeds. This ensures that they cook evenly the food within the fryer and quickly. The food will be crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and tasty.

Oven Working Process

Electric Ovens

is air fryer same as an oven

The heating element in the oven is usually located in the back of the appliance. The air in the oven is then heated and circulates around the appliance which cooks the food.

We cook the food in an electric oven from the outside as we heat it through the middle. Most modern ovens also have a fan in the back of the oven. This fan helps the air to circulate around the oven faster which cooks the food quicker and also helps to ensure that it cooks evenly the food.

Microwave Ovens

is air fryer same as an oven

Microwave ovens cook food through waves of radiation. This radiation does not affect the food and so food that is cooked in a microwave is safe to eat. These waves of radiation heat the molecules that can be found in food from the inside.

This results in a cooking time that is substantially less than you would experience when cooking using a traditional oven. Microwaves cook food efficiently because the heat energy is channeled directly to the food that is being cooked and there is no need to preheat the oven before cooking.

Comparison- Is Air Fryer Same As An Oven

There are similarities in how ovens and air fryers work. The heat in both appliances comes from an element and it then circulates this heat around the space where the food has been placed which will cook the food. Food that is cooked in the oven may not require any oil either so it can also be quite a healthy way to cook.

Air fryers can cook food faster than ovens. This is true if you are using an electric oven because it can take quite a while for the oven to preheat. Food cooked in an air fryer may take longer to cook than it would in a microwave oven but you would not use a microwave to cook food that you would normally use a fryer for.


Even if you have an oven you are happy with, you may still consider buying an air fryer. This is because they are often used to cook different types of foods. There are foods that you may cook in your oven that is not suitable for cooking in an air fryer.

While you may not use an air fryer as a replacement for an oven, they can use it as a direct replacement for your deep-fat fryer as it can cook the same foods. The taste of the food will not be exactly the same as it would do if we had fried it, but air fryers still produce food that is delicious. The food that is cooked in an air fryer is also much healthier it uses because only a small amount of oil.