Make Grilling Plank

How To Make Cedar Grilling Planks

To grill your salmon, you have man options for your consideration. However, none beats the cedar grilling planks. Not only is this kind of plank durable enough for repeated use, but also is it effective at distributing the heat evenly.

Unfortunately, there are fewer ready-made planks on the market. This coupled with their relative bulk, means that making one for yourself is the only viable way forward. Our discussions here endeavor to help you do just that.

How To Make Cedar Grilling Planks

Acquire the right cedar planks

As obvious, these planks are available in many strengths, hardness, and other vital parameters. It is hence in your best interest to find the right one for your unique job at hand. To find the right plank, you will have to factor a number of considerations.

These are the size of food you want to prepare, the maximum quantity of heat, your intended duration of cooking, the planned frequency of food preparation, and the heat source you have in mind. You may require expert support to be able to arrive at the best plank.

Cut and shape the planks

After finding the right plank, you have to prepare it well, dimensionally. This simply means you have to cut and shape it appropriately. Mark out the measurements of the cooking surface you have in mind. Use a tape measure to do so.

Thereafter, use a saw to cut down the plank to size. You may sand its top to deliver that smoothness you need for awesome outcomes ahead.

Wash the planks

After cutting and sanding the plank, you now have to wash it. Use some clean piece of cloth and water. Do not use any detergent, even if it is mild. Any traces of the detergent which may be left behind may poison your food ahead.

Dry your plank after washing. Place it out in the open and far away from any dust. This way, it shall dry out completely and eliminate any forms of moisture that may be present within its grains.

Soak the cedar planks

You are now almost there. Soak the cedar planks. Do this preferably in some water, cider, sake or wine. Add some salt and let the cedar stay in the solution for around 2 hours. Thereafter, drain the water out completely.

This procedure is necessary as it disinfects the plank. The solutions kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms which may disparage the quality of the final outcome. Leave out in the open to dry completely once you are through.

Heat the grill

In this last step, heat the grill. Raise the temperature to around 350°F. After this, insert the cedar plank right at the center of this hot grate and away from the source of heat. You are now good to go! Proceed now with preparing your salmon as per the standards you will have already determined.

How Thick Should A Cedar Plank Be For Grilling?

As noted above, these planks are available in many hardness, strengths, and dimension options. Also, it is necessary that you find only that one which is absolutely right for your circumstance. There are several factors you will have to consider to do so. These are explained below:

Size of Food

How large or small your recipe is, determines to a great extent the kind of plank that may be suited for your course. Definitely, larger food recipes call for equally larger planks and vice versa. If you prepare numerous recipes, you might have to acquire multiple planks for your added peace of mind.

Quantity of Heat

Different kinds of planks have different maximum heat capacities. It is hence also necessary that you consider your intended maximum heat capacity as you search for the right plank. A good plank has to be able to bear the highest temperatures you have in mind. You might have to bring in an expert in this.

Desired Duration of Cooking

How long on average do you intend to cook your food? Obviously, those recipes which take too long to prepare will often sustain too high-temperature ratings. This definitely means that the plank you use for them will similarly have to be able to bear those high temperatures. The opposite applies to those limited cooking time.

Frequency of Food Preparation

How often do you plan to prepare your foods? Do you just want to do so once or repeatedly? If it is only once, then you might have to pick the cheapest and less valuable plank around. In case you want to prepare food repeatedly, on the other hand, you might have to insist on a plank that is extremely heavy and long-lasting.

Heat Source

Lastly, the source of heat also has a say in the kind of plank you might have to make use of. Some sources like gas and electricity are way too hot. You cannot use an ordinary plank to prepare food in them. Others though like charcoal is mild enough for any kind of plank.

NB: All factors considered, a good plank has been noted to be around 3/8 (0.35 inches). This thickness has been found to be good enough to eliminate the need to use too much heat. Also, it is not too thin as to let your food burn easily while being grilled.


You now have the information you need to grill your recipes well. With this in mind, why don’t you now go ahead to do so right away? Waiting for too long may mean missing on the awesome benefits that this wonderful cooking aid may have to offer.

It is highly unlikely that you will get things well in your first attempt. That is why we ask you not to hesitate to return here if you happen to get stuck. We are always ready and willing to provide you further assistance to that effect.