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Although trash compactors are not a mainstream appliance, some family needs one while others may not need one. If you don’t have trash pickup very frequently, a trash compactor will be useful for you. And if you live in an area where surcharges for multiple bags of trash are very expensive.

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Best Trash Compactor

We’ve done a lot of research and the following top 5 best trash compactors were chosen due to their ease of use, durability, pricing, ratings, and customer reviews. Except for Gladiator GACP15XXMG, they are all built-in systems. They all can be powerful enough to reduce the volume of trash drastically. At least, their compaction ratio is at least 4:1 or better. And they all come with a more than 1.4 cu. ft. sized bucket. Except for the GEGCG1580RSS, they all come with some form of odor management and sound insulation, which can minimize intrusion into our daily life. If you need a trash compactor, choose one of them and you will not feel disappointed.

#1 Maytag MTUC7500ADM 15″ Stainless Steel Built-In Full Console Trash Compactor

If you need an affordable trash compactor, this Maytag MTUC7500ADM is one of the best choices. You will be surprised at its performance. Its price is no more than $1,000. This best trash compactor offers a 5:1 compaction ratio. Its compaction force can be up to 2,300 pounds. It is capable of reducing 80% of trash volume. Compared with other expensive models, it is also competitive and its all-welded construction makes it much more durable and can last for many years for you. It also includes a charcoal filter, sound insulation, and an odor control fan, which can avoid smells and sounds in our home when trash management is ongoing. Its capacity is about 1.4 cubic feet, which is a standard size. This also means it can deal with up to 9 cubic feet of trash. This compactor offers 3 colors to choose from, white, black or stainless steel. Its control panel is very simple and easy to use. In a word, as an affordable option, it is great.

#2 Broan 15XESS Programmable 15W in. Trash Compactor – Stainless Steel

Both the function and style of this Broan 15XESS are impressive and many customers highly recommended this one. It offers a large compact ratio, up to 6:1. It is able to deliver 3,000 pounds of compact force so that the trash volume can be reduced by 84%. It comes with a 1.55 cubic feet bucket which can easily hold about 30 pounds of compacted trash. Its built-in odor control mechanism can prevent any bad odor because it uses an odor disk to absorb odors and the disk can last for 6 months. Plus, its sound insulation is also excellent. It also allows you to program it. A battery backup is also included in case of a sudden power cut. It is powerful, easy to remove the trash, and even comes with safety features like a child lock, which justifies the higher price tag. If you need a high-end trash compactor, it is one of the best choices.

#3 Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor

This is a portable trash compactor, making it very convenient to use. This one is perfect for those who don’t need a built-in model. It even comes with casters, which can add more portability. With this feature, you can easily move it from one room to another room. You even can move it to your garage for temporary use. Its compaction ratio is 4:1 and the compaction force is up to 2,200 pounds, which is powerful enough to reduce waste by 75%.

Its 1.4 cubic feet capacity is just the same as other mainstream trash compactors. If you need an affordable and portable trash compactor, this Gladiator GACP15XXMG is a good choice due to its simple and sturdy design, anti-jam feature, and ease of use.

#4 Whirlpool GX900QPP Undercounter 15W in. Trash Compactor with Clean Touch Console

If you are limited to a budget and plan to look for a trash compactor under $1,000, this Whirlpool GX900QPPS is ideal for you. It is budget-friendly and only costs you less than $800. Its compaction ratio is 4:1, just the same as other mainstream units. However, some power is sacrificed. The compaction force is only 2,000 pounds which is less than others. Anyway, with its standard 1.4 cubic feet capacity, it is able to reduce waste by about 75%. It also offers an anti-jam feature and sound insulation. Therefore, it runs quietly. Plus, it is very easy to use its controls and its basic black and stainless steel design can be suitable for any décor indoors. This unit is perfect for those who need no-frills, not an expensive trash compactor.

#5 GE GCG1580RSS Profile 15″ Stainless Steel Built-In Fully Integrated Trash Compactor

This GE GCG1580RSS features a sleek design. Although it sacrifices many useful features(like odor control, delay function, or other functions), it offers solid performance. It has stainless steel finish and the compaction ratio is 4:1 which means it can reduce waste by up to 75%. Its compaction force is about 2,300 pounds which is standard. And its 1.4 cubic feet capacity is also fairly standard. It also offers an anti-jam feature. During use, its drawer cannot be opened and you need a key to start the cycle. You also can easily remove the drawer, making it easy to clean. As a relatively affordable unit, it focuses on solid performance but not fancy functions.

Trash Compactors Buying Guides and Tips

Why You Need a Trash Compactor?

If your family produces a lot of waste every day and often argues over whose responsibility to take out the trash, you really need to purchase a trash compactor. These waste compactors can reduce the volume of your waste by 75% to 60%, which means 4 to 5 times less to the curb. And having such a compactor is also environmentally friendly because this can reduce the use of plastic trash bags and this also means less space in landfills. Of course, your kitchen will look nice too. Thanks to its built-in air fresheners, your kitchen will smell better. These home trash compactors are very easy and convenient to use. You can place one under your counter. Oh, the market, there are many best trash compactors and we have selected the top 5 trash compactors for you, including GE GCG1580RSS, Whirlpool GX900QPP, Gladiator GACP15XXMG, Broan 15XESS, and Maytag MTUC7500ADM.

Trash Compactors: What to Look For

Before making a buying decision, you need to know where you plan to place a compactor. Of course, you need to find the space. You need to take accurate measurements, so you can know whether the one you plan to buy fits the space. Generally, most trash compactors on the market are available at a width of 12” to 15” and at a height of 34” to 35”, so they can be suitable for most under counter spaces. After that, you need to make sure how much power you needed. And then, you also need to consider how much extra time to maintain a compactor and buy its supplies. Of course, additional features are also useful, sometimes. If they interest you, you can choose one with many additional features.

Power & Performance

Most trash compactors come with a volume of 1.4 to 1.7 cubic feet and their compacting force can be between 2,000 to 5,000 pounds. Generally, a more compacting force represents a higher price. And you also pay attention to the motor’s horsepower. If a compactor offers a high capacity but its motor has a lower horsepower, you will probably get a noisy one. This means when it is working, it is louder than other models. And another key feature you need to notice is the compaction ratio. A too high or too low ratio is not suitable. For example, a compactor with a 4:1 ratio can compact 4 bags of trash into 1 bag. A lower ratio means you need to frequently take out the trash to the curb. However, if the ratio is too high, you need to consider whether you and other family members can lift the compacted trash safely. For old people, the high ratio is not recommended.

Other Features

Besides the essential feature: compaction and capacity, the one you choose should also be easy, safe, and convenient to use. One essential feature is a toe bar which allows you to open your compactor by just easy kicking it with your foot. This toe bar on the floor is a must-have feature. When your hands are not free, this feature will make your life much easier. Once you have a compactor, this also means you will not take out the trash to the curb every day, so how to deal with the odor from the waste is important. And to reduce odor, you need to buy one with charcoal filters or air freshener compartments. Considering your children’s safety, the one with removable key-knob controls is the best, because this feature can prevent accidental use. Another useful feature is the anti-jam sensors which can alert you when your compactor is full.


Most home appliances need maintenance on a regular basis, but trash compactors can be maintenance-free. And you need to replace trash bags as usual. Some models use regular plastic bags, but some of them have proprietary bags which only are compatible with their compactors.

The Bottom line

When it comes to the use of trash compactors, you should notice they are only for trash compaction. If there is much organic waste that needs to deal with every day, you need to consider garbage disposal. In a word, such a trash compactor can really help if you have a large amount of trash to take out every day.