Best Toolbox Wirecutter

Are you looking for the best toolbox? There various types of toolboxes made in the USA but getting which suits your needs and preferences may be difficult.

Everyone needs a toolbox that will ensure their tools are safe. There various factors that you need to consider ensuring you get the right toolbox. For instance, you need a toolbox that has enough storage capacity to accommodate your entire tools.

Find a toolbox that is portable and lightweight to carry around with. Is the toolbox for your business or personal use? With this in mind, you will be able to get the best toolbox for your content.

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1. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red

The Craftsman is a 3-drawer metal chest toolbox.  It helps you access your tool easily because it is stored in an organized manner. The red paint on the toolbox is for visibility; you can trace it in the garage or any other place. The toolbox is well-known for its sturdy and reliable construction.

The things in the toolbox are protected because it has a strong drawbolt fastening feature. The hinge ensures easy and convenient access as it keeps the lid and drawers open. The compound-action drawers ensure easy slide open and close when handling heavy loads.

The hasp-and-staple mechanism in the toolbox is designed for super heavy-duty padlock.  It ensures all the things in the toolbox are secure.


  • Sturdy draw bolt fastening feature
  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Hasp and staple mechanism
  • Offer a huge tool organization.
  • The drawers come with automatic closing and locking function.


  • No wheels

2. Waterloo 23″ Specialty Series Tool Box

Waterloo 23' Specialty Series Tool Box with 3-Drawers - Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA

Waterloo toolbox is made with sturdy, reliable and hard plastic; this makes it accommodate the rough and hard content thrown into it. The sturdy construction also makes the toolbox durable and long-lasting. It is lightweight because it is made with plastic except the hinges and latch made with metal. It guarantees your portability.

Most people have a positive review on this toolbox since it is affordable and provide security of the content. The toolbox has in built-in tote tray that you can store your tools in an organized way. The tray is also removable.

You will have an easy time carrying the toolbox since it has a handle boasting feature that ensures a comfortable grip. You will not have a challenge storing the toolbox; it features a small and compact design. Since the trays are removable, you can create a deeper toolbox that can hold large tools.


  • Made with sturdy, reliable and hard plastic
  • Removal trays can provide great large space to hold larger tools.
  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Small and compact design to store comfortably


  • Smaller toolbox compared to others.

3. Waterloo Shop Series 26″ 5-Drawer Chest

made In USA tool box


The Water shop 5-Draw Chest is made in the USA. It’s affordable and large enough to accommodate all the tools. It comes with a 5 drawer chest and weighs about 25lbs each. It is small and compact for portability.

The lower tray is larger to hold bulky items. The toolbox comes with an automatic locking system for security. The roller toolbox is sturdy to hold up to 500lbs weight.

It comes with a one year warranty.


  • Holds up to 500 pounds
  • Has a locking system for security
  • It has 5 drawers to store both large and small items.


  • Heavier than other toolboxes

4. Red Metal Tool Box

made In USA tool box


The toolbox is made with super-strong metal that makes it durable and long-lasting. The box has a combination of cold-rolled 20 and 22 gauge steel. It has enough space to create extra storage for more and larger tools.

The toolbox comes in two sizes; 16″ long and 19″long. They are 4″height and 6″ wide. The toolbox has a drawback latch with a padlock to keep your items secured.  With the strong piano like hinge makes opening and closing easy and convenient.

The heavy-duty steel handle gives a comfortable grip which enables you to carry the toolbox around with easy. Its stylish and compact design allows you to store in your garage or carry it your vehicle with ease.


  • A drawback latch that is secured with a padlock
  • Piano-like hinges make opening and closing easy.
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Comes two different sizes to choose from
  • Made from sturdy metal


  • No wheels

5. Kennedy Manufacturing 277Xb 7-Drawer Roller

Kennedy Manufacturing 277Xbk 27' 7-Drawer Industrial Tool Storage Roller Cabinet With Chest And Wheels, Industrial Black

Kennedy manufacturing is recognized for making the best products in the market. The 7-drawer roller is mostly used for industrial use. It has a rugged steel cover which is durable since it has a power coated finish.

The toolbox has an internal automatic locking mechanism. It has 2 keys with high-security tube lock that ensures all the items are safe. For smoothing riding of the toolbox; it comes with ball-bearing. The lid is raised on 3 sides to accommodate larger tools.

The Kennedy made toolbox is designed with double-walled construction to keep it last longer.


  • Made using a durable powder coat finish
  • It comes with a ball bearing for smooth operation.
  • The in-built automatic locking mechanism


  • The compartments have ball bearing wear over time.

6. Kennedy Manufacturing 520B 7-Drawer

Kennedy Manufacturing 520B 7-Drawer Machinist's Chest with Friction Slides, Brown Wrinkle

The Kennedy Manufacturing 520B-Drawer is among the best toolboxes in the market. It is made with high-quality steel that makes it last for long. The drawers are wool-lined, ensuring that your items are safe all the time.

The cabinet has a tubular lock that ensures your tools are protected. It is compatible with different cabinets and spacious to store large tools. It weighs about 69lbs. It assures durability because of the features it comes with.

The chest has 11 drawers and 6 drawer dividers. It makes it easy to adjust when you need to store larger and heavy tools. The drawers are made with 22-gauge high-quality material guarantee its durability.


  • Durability
  • A tubular lock system
  • Compatible drawers
  • Wool-liner in the drawers provides tool safety.


  • Cloth lining is better.

7. Stanley Proto J9975-NA Tool Box

Stanley Proto J9975-NA Proto General Purpose Tool Box

The Stanley Proto J9975-NA toolbox is made with steel that has a powder-coated finish.  It gives it a stylish look. The toolbox comes with drawer dividers that help you separate the items according to sizes. It is perfect for storing nuts and bolts because it comes with a removable tote tray.

It is lightweight due to its small size. It makes it more portable. However, it lacks enough space to store large and many tools. The toolbox has a padlock system for the safety of your items.

The box is also prone to corrosion and water. It would help if you were careful when carrying around.


  • Padlock system
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with drawer dividers


  • Prone to corrosion
  • Lack of enough space

8. STANLEY® 26 in. Professional Toolbox

made In USA tool box


The Stanley® 26″ professional toolbox is durable since it is made with heavy-duty metal. It is affordable and lightweight. This makes it convenient and easy to transport from one place to another.

For security, the toolbox has nickel-plated metal latches with automatic padlock mechanism. You are guaranteed that your items are protected. The box four corners have rubber. It can store both small and large tools since it has a storage capacity of 7.1 gal.

The Stanley® 26″ professional toolbox has a long aluminium handle to ensure easy grip and accessibility.


  • Aluminium handle to provide grip.
  • The storage capacity of 7.1 gal
  • Automatic padlock mechanism
  • Affordable and lightweight


  • No wheels

9. Pioneer Steel Cantilever Box

made In USA tool box


The Pioneer Steel Cantilever box can accommodate both large and small content. The box is made from tough 20-22 gauge steel construction making it very sturdy. It is covered with a powder coat finish to give it a stylish look.

The box cantilever section is designed to hold items with more weight. It can accommodate items for many years since it features a latch to hold the content in position.

The Pioneer Steel Cantilever Box has an eye hoop that accepts a padlock system to ensure that your tools are well secured. It has reliable piano-like hinges to increase strength and ensure that the toolbox last longer.


  • Covered with powder coat finish
  • 20 to 22- gauge steel construction
  • Has a padlock system
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Piano-like hinges for reliability


  • Lack of enough storage space

10. Pioneer Steel Portable Standard Toolbox

made In USA tool box


Pioneer Steel Portable Standard Toolbox is a great toolbox made from high-quality cold roll 20 and 22 gauge steel. Its powder coat finish guarantees the box durability. It is lightweight to be transported from one job to another.

The toolbox comes with a removable tray that maximizes storage space. You can remove it when you want to store larger tools. It features sturdy handles provide a comfortable grip when carrying. It has a drawbolt latch with padlock hasp. The toolbox hinges are piano-like.


  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Drawbolt latch with padlock hasp
  • 20 or 22 gauges steel construction
  • Powder coat finish
  • Removable tray


  • Limited storage space

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Toolbox

There several factors you need to consider before buying a toolbox to avoid being disappointed. Below are some of the main factors that ensure you get durable, perfect and long-lasting toolbox.


When choosing a toolbox; the first factor to consider is the material used in construction. There are two main materials used for making toolboxes. Steel is known for its strength and lightweight. It can also be cut and shaped in different shapes that suit you. The only problem is prone to corrosion and heavy compared to plastic.

Toolbox made with plastic tends to be lighter and can be moulded in other shapes easily than steel. It is resistant to corrosion and also waterproof. It is more affordable. The only shortcoming is it more likely to crack.

Size and number of drawers

The number of tools to be stored in the toolbox matters. It would be best if you considered how many tools to be stored to ensure you carry comfortably while going to your working environment. For large tools, the drawers need to be less while small tools need more drawers.


Most people prefer wheeled toolboxes because some items are very heavy to carry with their hands. You need to choose the right wheeled toolbox to ensure easy manoeuvre around.  Small wheels are perfect for indoor use while large wheels with around 4″ diameter are best for any terrain.

Safety Features

The toolboxes come with a hooking up padlock or two while others have an inbuilt locking mechanism.  You are comfortable that your tools are safe even when you are out of your workshop. In case your garage or workshop is broken into, you are sure your tools will not be stolen.


A good company offer a lifetime warranty to its customers. It makes clients feel confident in the quality of the products, for example, where the locking system fails and don’t lock. This makes the toolbox worthless as it does not protect the tool. The brand can chip in to fix the problem or give a new toolbox.


If you need a toolbox that you can carry around with; choose one that is large enough to carry all the necessary things but compact enough to carry easily. A wheeled toolbox is also convenient to move around.


Choosing the best toolbox can be a tough decision. There are various factors you need to consider when purchasing a toolbox. You need to know why you need it; for masonry, woodwork, or carpentry needs, among others. It is also good to know the components that the toolbox comes with.

The guide will give you knowledge of the best toolbox made in the USA and what to consider when buying it.


Are US general tool boxes made in the USA?

No. The US general toolboxes are manufactured in China.

Are Waterloo tool boxes made in the USA?

Yes. The Waterloo toolboxes are manufactured in the USA.

Why are toolboxes so expensive?

Most of the toolboxes are pricey because they are made with high-quality material to ensure they last longer.

What does the toolbox contain?

The toolbox comes with drawers, locks, latches, slides, handles, and caster or wheels.

Are truck tool boxes worth it?

The toolbox can be used to store anything that fits in it. It is perfect for woodwork, carpentry or masonry tools.