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Best Reading Glasses Wirecutter- Reviews 2022

The phrase “best reading glasses” is no longer an overstatement. Readers, like everyone else, have turned to glasses as a fashion trend. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, styles, and sizes. However, you need to note that not all reading glasses are the same. Some are reading glasses for distance vision, while others are used to help focus on small prints.

With technology progress, you can also have quality reading glasses to help you sleep better at night by reducing the blue light from your computer screen. Besides, there are those glasses that protect you from harmful UV rays if you happen to be reading outside.   

It can be not easy to find comfortable reading glasses customized to your individual needs and suit your face type ideally. We researched to narrow down top reading glasses reviews for the best and affordable reader to save you time.

Our Favorite Reading Glasses

12 Featured Best Reading Glasses Reviews 2022

1. GAOYE 5-Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking with Spring Hinge

Gaoye 5-Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking,Spring Hinge Readers for Women Men Anti Glare Filter Lightweight Eyeglasses (#5-Pack Mix Color, 1.5)

Do you experience exhaustion and headaches as a result of your constant screen time? Are you suffering from insomnia and wake up exhausted regularly? GAOYE is here to assist you.

GAOYE premium blue ray cut lens. It protects your eyes and reduces digital eye strain from screen time. Thus it is allowing you to enjoy your digital life more.

Key features

Anti blue light glasses: it has UVA/UVB that protects the eyes by reducing the glare. The UV400 Lenses also help alleviate visual exhaustion and discomfort from browsing screens and operating under fluorescent lights.

Explosion-proof polycarbonate lens: If you want to enjoy your digital time, this is one of the best choices based on the reading glasses review. With GAOYE 5-Pack, you will never have to worry about visual fatigue, blurred vision, or headaches. Instead allows you to get a better night’s sleep. This feature gives your best reading glasses the ability to reduce your eye strain. 

Resin spring hinge frame: Resin frame gives these glasses their durability and comfort characteristics. The simple casual frame design keeps you looking cool, professional, and stylish all the time.


  • They are durable
  • They are comfortable and light 
  • They prevent headaches and sleep disorders caused by overexposure to digital devices.


  • You are not in control of the amount of blue light that is being filtered.

2. Reading Glasses 5 Pairs Fashion Ladies Readers Spring Hinge

Reading Glasses 5 Pairs Fashion Ladies Readers Spring Hinge with Pattern Print Eyeglasses for Women (5 Pack Mix Color, 3.0)

This is one of the best reading glasses for women and men. It has lightweight plastic frames and lenses. Moreover, it is also made of sturdy spring hinge temples. Thus it provides a secure fit without any discomfort or pinching.

It provides a new look with the incredible fashion frame as it is redesigned with cool color styles and fun.

They are considered one of the best reading glasses since most face shapes accommodate the universal size. If you are looking for a perfect gift for the elderly, never hesitate to settle on them since they don’t fall off when your head is lowered.  


Classic and cool shape frames: These reading glasses provide a fresh look as they have been upgraded with beautiful and cool colors with a fun design. Since they have a universal fit, they can accommodate any type of face shape. 

Lightweight: plastic frames and plastic lenses give it the durability feature. Besides, the spring hinge temples ensure that it gives you a comfortable fit without the fear of being pinched. 

These are Men’s reading glasses as well as women’s readers.  


  • It is durable due to the non-polarized lens with plastic frames.
  • It has a valuable quantity with the price.
  • It has a lightweight frame with a variety of colors to choose from


  • The stem cannot be adjusted to a comfortable size.

3. Reading Glasses 2 Pair Black and Gunmetal Readers Compact Folding Unisex Glasses

Reading Glasses 2 Pair Black and Gunmetal Readers Compact Folding Glasses for Reading for Men and WomenCase Included +2

This is a perfect choice for anyone who is always on the go. They are stylish, cool, innovative reading glasses for both men and women. The elegantly crafted glasses unfold and fold based on the desired use. It will unfold into full reading glasses when you want to put them on. On the other hand, they fold into a tiny pocket-size if they aren’t in use. Thus they are portable and can be kept in the pockets without being noticed.


Foldable reading glasses:Folding readers are convenient when it comes to packing. They are, therefore, ultra-portable. Besides, they provide a clear vision as well as the comfort needed while you are using them. This package consists of a travel case made of sturdy material that protects your pair of reading glasses when they are not in use.

Lightweight reading glasses: Mini readers are smaller than other types of glasses. Despite being lightweight and small, they are also comfortable. Even after hours of wear, the smooth, elastic nose pads contour to your bridge and provide a feather-light feeling.

Hard portable case: The hard travel case will always secure and protect your reading glasses. Whether you’re going on holiday or bringing them to the office, packing them will never be a problem. Packing your glasses has never been simpler, thanks to a soft inner lining that keeps your lenses scratch-free.


  • They are convenient as they come in a set of two pairs. Thus you can keep one pair at your favorite reading spot.
  • They are durable as they are made from Resin lenses and non-polarised frames.
  • Comes as a set of gunmetal and black.


  • It’s hard handling them with a removable nose piece; hence, you keep on replacing the nose piece.

4. CCVOO 5 Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking

CCVOO 5 Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking, Filter UV Ray/Glare Computer Readers Fashion Nerd Eyeglasses Women/Men (*C1 Mix, 1.75)

If you have been looking for something that won’t break the bank, then this can be a perfect choice. Not only that, but you’ll get features that no other brand can match. They are one of the best cheap reading glasses with a simple design that makes them easy to wear.

CCVOO reading glasses are made of high-end quality metal. Thus providing them with increased durability. Moreover, the reading glasses are very comfortable. You will never be worried about any pain when the glasses are worn. 


Blue glasses: with a blue light blocker of UV400, can cut off about 95% blue light. This reduces eye irritation and strain from fluorescent lights and screens.

Reduce eye strains: these readers will protect you against headaches, migraines, blurry visions, and eye fatigue since it provides you with all-day protection. You are sure of more restful nights and enjoyable digital time. 

Polycarbonate Clear Lens: Professional anti-reflective and clear lenses. Thus they can restore true colors, provide accurate magnification power, and provide clear vision.  

TR90 Material Frame that is light in weight: Powerful, robust, versatile, and comfortable glasses. They are fantastic, classic style, with an elegant look, leading you to a trendy, professional, and stylish look.


  • They are easy to carry
  • They have a slim design
  • They come with anti-reflective lenses.


  • They have no anti-glare lens.

5. Reading Glasses 5 Pairs Quality Readers Spring Hinge Glasses for Reading for Men and Women

Reading Glasses 5 Pairs Quality Readers Spring Hinge Glasses for Reading for Men and Women (5 Pack Black, 2.50)

The Ladies Reading Glasses, 5-Pair is not only stylish, but they also produce clear, distortion-free images.

These glasses seem to be highly fashionable and attractive for women. When you wear the reading glasses, you’ll notice that you have crystal clear vision. They are recommended for those who can’t read the tiny print on newspapers or other documents. You can take these reading glasses wherever you need them, be it in your bedroom or office and one for your car since they are 5 pairs. Fashionable, with its trendy style, will satisfy your professional, sleek, stunning, and radiant look.


Comfortable eyewear: The frames are very comfortable for a whole day’s work. Besides, they also offer the best lens light transmittance.

Classic frame designs: are classic and trendy reading glasses frames that have been a touch fun accompanied with colorful styles. The frames are universal hence can fit any face shape.

Lightweight reading glasses: the frames and lenses are made of plastic that gives the glasses the lightweight feature. Besides, the study spring hinge temples provide a secure fit for your glasses; hence you are not worried about them pinching you when worn.  


  • The combination of non-polarised frames and plastic frames makes these glasses to be long-lasting.
  • The price matches the quality of the reading glasses.
  • They are lightweight and has a variety of colors to choose from


  • You cannot adjust the stem to the desired size.

6. Eyecedar Metal Half-Frame Reading Glasses For Men

Eyecedar Metal Half-Frame Reading Glasses Men 5-Pack Spring Hinges Stainless Steel Material Includes Sun Readers 1.75

This is one of the best men’s reading glasses. With the aid of a fiber cord that holds the lens all fixed together, half-frame glasses combine a tasteful blend. This is done by highlighting the best half of the glasses with a rim and the illusion of having no rim at all for the lens’s base portion.

This fantastic pair of glasses is distinguished by its streamlined appearance while maintaining the durability of full-rim glasses. Eyecedar Metal Half-Frame Reading Glasses Men 5-Pack are timeless and still in style. They don’t wholly encircle the lenses, and since they’re lighter, they relieve pressure on the extensions of your nose pads.


Durable design: it has welded stainless steel frame, sturdy and robust wear, and corrosion resistance. The metal spring hinges will enable your glasses to adjust to your face. On the other hand, the built-in stainless steel mechanical spring is resistant to injury.

Package:These reading glasses come in 5 pairs per package. Therefore, you can have one for reading in the car, office, and other locations, at any time and in any position. To ensure accuracy, each pair of glasses is hand-picked.

Lightweight: the glasses are made from stainless materials hence the reason for their durability.


  • They are convenient
  • They are light and comfortable to wear
  • Has several colors to choose from
  • They are pocket friendly 


  • Since the bottom lens is exposed, the lens may need replacement often. 

7. 6 Pack Reading Glasses by BOOST EYEWEAR

6 Pack Reading Glasses by BOOST EYEWEAR, Traditional Frames in Black, Tortoise Shell, Blue and Red, for Men and Women, with Comfort Spring Loaded Hinges, Assorted Colors, 6 Pairs (+1.50)

Reading glasses have the disadvantage of not having to be worn all of the time. As a result, they are often overlooked. The solution is to have several pairs of readers. You may keep a pair in each room and workplace in case you forget them. Besides, you have several backup pairs in case you lose one in a public place. As a result, the Boost Eyewear Reading Glasses come in six separate pairs.

These glasses come in a range of diopters (a.k.a. magnification strengths) up to 4.0 and have shatter-resistant frames and lenses for added protection. The package has 4 different colors of frames; one red pair, one blue pair, two black pairs, and two tortoiseshell pairs.


Convenience: with the 6 pairs, you can have each on your favorite reading joints. You can decide to have one in the bedroom, living room, workplace, and even one car pair.  

Stylish reading glasses: come in different colors and classical rectangular frames. Its satin finish also gives it the reason to fit any type of face size and shape. 

Durable and safe: These reading glasses have been tested for their durability based on the materials shatter-resistant to the frames and lenses.

Comfort: the reading glasses are comfortable since they have flexible arms. This is due to the spring-loaded temple hinges.


  • They are durable and safe readers that offer you shatter-resistant.
  • They are excellent lenses with a touch of a black satin finish that can professionally accommodate all face types and sizes.
  • They are flexible due to the springloaded temple hinges.


  • They are made of unremarkable frame color.  

8. TERAISE 4PCS Fashion Anti-blue light Reading Glasses Men Women

TERAISE 4PCS Fashion Anti-blue light Reading Glasses Men Women Computer Reader(1.75X)

You typically used to believe that screens were a significant part of life. Then came the pandemic. Some people can experience tired or dry eyes due to their constant Zoom calls, video meetings, and Netflix binges. Teraise 4PCS reading glasses are advertised as a solution to this issue, particularly now that we are more immersed in screens than ever before. 

These glasses are known to be one of the best quality non-prescription reading glasses that you can buy for yourself and your parents. Teraise anti-blue light reading glasses will block about 93% of screen light from damaging your eyes. With the presence of HD lenses, these reading glasses promise you a colorful world with the reproduced clarity that gives you every reason to enjoy HD visuals.


Efficient eye protection: the glasses block the harmful screen lights relieving you from eye fatigue and ensure that your visional health is always protected. 

Frameless cutting edge design: since they are frameless, they give you fashionable, classy, and trendy looks. Besides, they will offer your parents a youthful look as they are trendy.  

HD lenses: relieves you of the visual fatigue as it has 8 layer coating for a better lens configuration. They also provide you with high definition lenses due to the resin lenses and an accurate reading degree.


  • They offer value for your money.  
  • They are light in weight. 
  • They are durable since they have been made of quality materials.
  • They are comfortable


  • Since they are frameless, they can easily break.

9. Blue Light Blocking Glasses Women Men Computer Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Women Men Computer Glasses TR90 Round Eyewear Frame with Interchangeable Temples & Nose Pads

This full-rim round-shaped frame is made of durable plastic and comes in two colors: matte blue and matte clear. It is one of the most unusual and unparalleled eyewear for all the genders to look bold among the congregation. This is because of the unexpected features such as the slim temple arms and trendy nose sit-on for the nose area.

If you have been thinking of dressing up like your favorable character, then TR90 round glassware is a must-have frame for you. They are incredibly relaxed, thanks to their versatile design. Moreover, they can bend under pressure and contour your face easily because they are flexible. TR90 glasses are also resistant to breakage due to their flexibility. They are much less likely to break or crack or bend from impact since the material is pliable. If you’re constantly losing your glasses, don’t worry! TR90 frames have a chance to win! 


Interchangeable nose pads and temples: these reading glasses come with a set of two different colors of temples and nose pads. All these can be changed with ease; hence you don’t need an expert to fix it. Thus you are sure of the comfortability and a stylish look.

Blue light glasses: the TR90 reading glasses can be used by all, irrespective of age and sex. Its UV400 lenses can cut off about 100% blue light. 

Lightweight material; the lenses are made of transparent polycarbonate lenses. These materials will help to reduce chromatic aberrations. Besides, they will also help in restoring true colors to your vision. The TR90 nylon fashion glasses frame material is for easy wearing and longevity.

Improved Sleep: – Blue ray-filtering readers can minimize your eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches by blocking more than 95% of harmful blue rays. You should have an excellent time.


  • They are durable
  • They are light and flexible.
  • They are comfortable


  • They have a blueish reflection on the lens.

10. Vintage Oversized Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Mid Big Face Square Frame Glasses

TR90 Vintage Oversized Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Mid Big Face Square Frame Glasses Nerd Black/Tortoiseshell Large Clear Lens

Oversized glasses frames can be worn with almost any style, from formal to casual. Are you looking to make a statement with a fashionable and trendy ensemble? To make an excellent first impression, opt for a pair of oversized round prescription glasses. 

Vintage oversize blue light reading glasses are one of their kind. The readers come in two different sizes, and it’s either the normal or the oversize size. When it comes to the choice of the glasses, then you have to consider your face type. If your face happens to be too long, then consider buying the oversize.

These vintage blue light reading glasses can effectively block both screen and UV light from harming your eyes. Because of their low color difference, these glasses are suitable for those who spend many hours on the screen.  

Vintage oversized blue reading glasses are made of TR90 nylon material; thus, they are lightweight and very comfortable. Again, the reader’s frames are durable and are carefully crafted to provide you with the best digital vision.


Blue light: These reading glasses block UV radiation, provide UV400 protection. They also filter out harmful blue light (wavelength is between 400nm-452nm).

Ultralight frames: vintage oversized frames have been carefully customized to provide an ultra-comfortable experience. The vintage look will easily adjust to all face shapes. On the other hand, the temples and frames are made of ultra-light TR90 material.

Protects your eyes: digital screens emit bright blue light. This type of light can cause eye pressure and even dizziness; however, using vintage oversized blue light lenses can alleviate this. 


  • Comfortable nose pads.
  • Multiple screws
  • Comfortable temples


  • With a wrong choice, they may not be professional with your face.  

11. IVNUOYI 6 Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking with Spring Hinges

IVNUOYI 6 Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking with Spring Hinges,Colors Lightweight Readers for Women,Anti Glare UV Computer Eyeglasses 2.25

IVNUOYI 6 pack reading blue glasses will help you sleep better. You won’t have to think about headaches, eye pressure, or dry eyes, which is ideal for people who like to use the screens for long periods of time.

Instead of reflecting harmful blue light through the lens surface layer, the IVNOYI is utilizing substrate absorption. With these readers, you don’t have to worry about the lens’s coating film peeling off over time or the impact of blue light safety being diminished by scratching; this lens is capable of providing you with blue light protection for your electronic life for a long time.


Polycarbonate lenses: these reading glasses have got a high definition of polycarbonate lenses. Thus it ensures that the colors are authentic and undistorted. With uv400 protection, the glasses are durable and not easy to be scratched.

Lightweight frames:The mechanical spring with butt hinge design is highly robust and lightweight, and it also decreases the pressure on the head when wearing glasses.

Anti-blue light: these reading glasses use substrate absorption to keep off the harmful blue light from the screens. 

High-quality lenses: will provide you with a straightforward visual experience whether you’re reading or working. With 6 pairs of superbly made, ingenious, stylishly designer Blue Light reading glasses, you can let your style show through. 


  • They are durable
  • They have a lightweight frame
  • The lenses are of high quality


  • They are not very sturdy

12. Madison Avenue Blue Light Blocking Glasses Oversized Fashion Blue Light Glasses for Women

Madison Avenue Blue Light Blocking Glasses Oversized Fashion Blue Light Glasses for Women Anti Eyestrain & UV Protection Computer Eyeglasses (Black)

A perfect vision is the best word that can be used to describe Madison Avenue blue light blocking reading glasses. These glasses will filter your screen light without any color distortion. They are very comfortable reading glasses, and when you wear them, you will reduce eye fatigue, headache, or blurry vision, hence promising you better sleep.

The madison avenue glasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV and glare. Since they are made of TR90 material, they are light in weight. Besides, they are durable as the lenses are made of anti-scratch material. These eyeglasses are very fashionable and always promise to shine your style out. 


Blue light blocking lenses: maintain HD sharp vision with less color distortion by filtering high levels of blue light from digital screens such as computers, phones, and televisions. 

Relieves eye strain and promises a better sleep: Reduces eye irritation, headaches, and distorted vision caused by long-term exposure to blue light rays, as well as UV and glare protection.

Design and material: a lightweight PC frame provides a comfortable fit with an anti-scratched PC lens and a durable metal hinge. The oversized nature makes your style stand out. The Best Gift for Your Eyes!


  • They are worth your money
  • Lightweight frames
  • No color distortion


  • The glass is thinner

Buying guide

You may be reading this because your eyes seem to let you down when you need the best. When you spend a lot of time on the screen, your eyes get tired. Therefore, they become slow to concentrate from close to far. Presbyopia is a disorder that affects our ability to concentrate on things that are close to us. Presbyopia develops as the crystalline lens becomes less flexible or when the muscle that controls the lens shifts.

Your immediate thought might be to rush to the pharmacy and buy and get the best over-the-counter reading glasses, particularly if you don’t already wear glasses or contact lenses. Pharmacies have a good range of “readers,” that are essentially magnifiers. The many different colors and types of over-the-counter reading glasses will surprise you, but even more so will the many different powers or abilities available. How can you determine which one to purchase? The following pointers will assist you in selecting your first pair of reading glasses.

1. Eye examination

If it isn’t an emergency, the first thing you can do is contact your nearest eye doctor to arrange a thorough eye examination. You’re probably suffering from “over 40 syndrome” or “short arm syndrome,” as it’s affectionately known. Your eye doctor will diagnose this disorder to help you settle on a perfect lens that matches your disorder.

Blurred vision, on the other hand, maybe a symptom of a severe eye condition or illness. To be healthy, schedule an eye exam to ensure that your eyes are in good working order.

2. The reason for the reading glasses

Since the very feature that enhances our eye when reading text from a close distance will reduce its performance at any time, presbyopia is the most common reason for having to wear reading glasses. The term itself refers to an “old-eye” that appears after the age of 40. Nonetheless, this vision problem is normal and treatable.

3. Understanding the high and low reading powers

Are you new to this challenge? Make an appointment with an ophthalmologist and take the reading glasses exam. A number of factors impair reading capacity in single-vision glasses. It may be your age, the intent of your glasses, or simply the need for your eyes to retrieve the ability to read text up close and from a distance.

You can easily choose quality reading glasses based on the magnification level. Request a reading power test from your optometrist. Depending on your vision level and age, glasses’ power usually begins at 0.25+ and progresses upward. 

How to choose reading glasses

Being overwhelmed when choosing reading glasses can never be avoided when you need to settle on a pair of readers. There are a variety of frames, lenses, and coatings to choose from. Here are the most important things to think about when selecting your readers.

1 Choose between a custom or ready-made glasses

A drugstore or pharmacy will sell you ready-made glasses. They are more affordable than custom glasses since they are one-size-fits-all. The majority of off-the-shelf readers do not have multi-focal or progressive options. However, ready-made glasses can not suit your needs if you have a different prescription for each eye, myopia, or astigmatism. An optician can produce lenses specific to your prescription. This will include the gap between your eyes. To achieve the best vision correction, the pupils must be matched with the lenses’ optical center.

2. Choose on a comfortable lens design

There are several types of reading glasses lenses to choose from, depending on the vision correction you need.

Single vision lenses correct distance vision. They can be adjusted to any focal length, including close and intermediate vision.

Bifocal lenses have a reading correction on the bottom half of the lens and a distance correction on the top half.

Distance vision, intermediate vision, and close vision are all protected by trifocal lenses.

Without visible dividing lines, progressive lenses provide a smooth transition between distance and close focal areas. They may be more effective than bi- or trifocals in correcting intermediate vision.

Your ophthalmologist should be able to assist you in selecting the right lens template for your needs.

3. Pick your lens size and shape depending on your prescription

Lenses are available in many different shapes and sizes. For weaker prescriptions, smaller, narrower lenses might be appropriate. On the other hand, larger lens shapes are a better choice for stronger prescriptions or multifocal lenses since they make enough space for the whole prescription. You can encounter distortion or a prism effect if the lens is too thin.

Prescription vs. reading glasses

Eyeglasses are the most common type of vision correction. The prescription lenses can greatly enhance a person’s quality of life by allowing them to see the world more clearly and reducing eye strain. Reading glasses and distance glasses are two of the most popular types of eyeglasses, both of which can minimize the amount of effort needed to concentrate on an object. Even though all glasses are intended to enhance a person’s vision, they accomplish different objectives.

Reading glasses are used by those who are suffering from presbyopia. Presbyopia is an age-related eye disease in which the eye’s lens becomes more rigid with time, thus reducing a person’s near vision. To correct this problem, one needs glasses that are convex (curved outward). These glasses will make close objects appear clearer.

Despite being commonly available over the counter, custom-made glasses’ strengths are generic as well. Therefore, forcing people to experiment in the search for an ideal correction. Furthermore, these “ready-made” readers typically have identical correction power in both lenses. They do not account for astigmatism, which affects a significant number of people.

The other problem with custom readers is that the lenses are not of the same consistency as prescription readers. They’re generally crafted of a lower-quality content, which means they’ll deform further. As a result, many people opt for prescription reading eyeglasses to provide a more precise corrective eyewear and frame fit.

Prescription reading glasses are made specifically for a patient’s vision problem. They can be used to fix almost any situation. However, patients must visit an optician to receive a correct prescription to alleviate their eyesight problem. 

Compared to reading glasses, prescription glasses tend to be more costly. However, they are usually made of higher-quality materials, lenses, and frames. They are therefore durable, and they come in a wider range of styles.


Is there a difference in the quality of reading glasses?

Yes, Reading glasses are available in various strengths to help the wearer enhance their reading vision. The normal reading glasses are only equipped to see things up close; bifocals are often used to switch between short and long-range vision.

Are off-the-shelf reading glasses bad for your eyes?

N0, reading glasses from a pharmacy or online store are not as harmful to your eyes as readers from your optometrist. OTC reading glasses come with a range of magnifying lenses with various strengths that perform just as well.

Can you have 20 20 Vision and still need reading glasses?

Yes, It’s awesome if you’ve been cruising around life with 20/20 vision! However, since many eye and vision disorders have no signs, it’s important to have your eyes tested by an optometrist regularly to ensure that they remain healthy as you age.

Is there a big difference between 1.25 and 1.50 reading glasses?

No, The lens correction at 1.25 power is relatively mild. On the other hand, 1.50 reading glasses power is considered to be a minor case of nearsightedness. When it comes to corrective vision, the higher the number, the worse the person’s vision.

Are reading glasses just magnifiers?

Reading glasses enlarge the print so that the eyes don’t have to strain as often to read it. However, since these lenses are uncoated, they do not shield the eyes from a computer screen’s glare. 

Are prescription glasses better than reading glasses?

Reading glasses works well if both eyes need the same lens power. However, most people have one eye that is better than the other. Thus prescription glasses may be considered the best option.

Final verdict

There are many options available when it comes to achieving your reading glass requirements. To settle on the best choice, you need to go through the available reviews to help you determine the best reading glasses. 

Remember that non-prescription readers aren’t meant to replace eyeglasses that your eye specialist recommends. Over-the-counter readers may only help as a temporary fix for your eye strain, but you should always see an eye doctor regularly to get your eyes tested.

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