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Hardwood flooring is a symbol of authenticity and aristocracy. It infers your taste to your society. Besides, you don’t want any cracks or lumps on the most precious part of your home. Right?

That is why you are here, giving a small amount of your time which will keep the sleekness of your hardwood intact.

This article gives you the best recommendation for your hardwood and summarizes all the variables you need to care for when choosing your mop.

Don’t be afraid; the discussion will not be too intricate.

We will tell you what you need to know and keep the crap out.

Best Mop For Hardwood Floors

No magic mop is fit for every job. Even if there were, it would have been damn expensive. But you don’t need one either. You need the one mop that fits your home, your hardwood, and your comfort.

So, here are ten of the best mops for hardwood floors you can choose from.

1. Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe Steam Mop

This mop is very effective, very easy to use. It not only cleans your house but also makes it smell good. This is one of the most maneuverable mops we have on this list. The mop is even a competition for its predecessors.

Our experience tells us you will fall in love with this inanimate object.


This mop has an onboard spotboost brush. It makes it useful in tough and sticky situations. One step on the backpedal will detach the foot, exposing the spotboost brush. The swivel steering system increases maneuverability. You will not need to handle any harmful chemicals with this mop.

Scent Disk

In general, the smell of the steam depends mostly on the type of your water and the climate of your room. But these things are not always in your control.

That’s why Bissell included a scent disk. You have three scents to choose from; Spring Breeze, Eucalyptus Mint, Citrus. It will add a new life to your room. No need for additional room freshener. The insertion process is also easy. Just clip the disk in, and it’s ready to go. Bissell will provide 2 of these disks at the time of purchase.


This mop makes your cleaning very easy. The measuring cup and water tank is just one click away making it super easy to use. Steaming settings can be easily understood and put to the test.

You can easily fit it in any corner of your room. The washable soft mop pad is also easily changeable.


This mop can also be used on sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, tile, granite, and marble floors. It will give you a better result than most other mops.


  • The perfume in the sent discs is beautiful
  • Parts are interchangeable to previous versions
  • Fits in narrow spaces


  • The control panel area can get hot sometimes


Q: How hot does it get?

It gets quite hot. It is the Cadillac of the mop world.

Q: How good is it on carpets and rugs?

You might not have the effect that you get from a carpet cleaner, but you can undoubtedly have average cleaning and a refreshing finish.

2. BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop

Whether you are scrubbing, buffing or polishing, this mop will guide you like a professional floor device. Its counter rotation scrubbing means you are cleaning, scrubbing and polishing your floor all at the same time.

Effective Use of Technology

The inward rotation of the round mops gets the dirt and filth inside. Power spin pads and the solution compliments each other giving a perfect hand-and-knee finish. When you stop and let the handle tilt to the front, the mop will stop rotating.

Well-Designed Additional Tools

Bissell will provide you with two sets of pads. The touchpad is for polishing, and the scrubbing pad is obviously for scrubbing on sticky messes. They are both soft enough to clean your floor without doing any damage to it.

The microfibers that they are made with are super absorbent. You will also have two bottles of solutions that will take you through 12 cleaning treatments.

Easy Cleaning

This mop is little more than 9.5 pounds. So this is easy to carry. But the weight doesn’t really matter because this will glide on your floor. You will almost have a hovering feeling. The swivel technology takes it one step closer to perfection.

Yes, the pads will go right into the washing machine or the top rack of your dishwasher. The Velcro system makes it super easy to change the pads.

Solution Spray

There is a little jet in the lower front of the mop. You can adjust how much solution you want. This spray will break down unwanted filth on your floor making it easy for the rotating scrubs to suck them up. It will also give a beautiful polished finish on your hardwood as well as other hard floors.


  • Professional level cleaning
  • The solution works in all conditions
  • Very easy to move around
  • Easy to change the pads


  • Pads get dirty pretty quickly


Q: Can I use other cleaning solutions?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: How long is the electric cord?

A: This machine has a 22 feet power cord.

3. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

This is a classic spin mop with exclusive design. No wires, no batteries just the old idea with a modern design. This is the mop for people who want the best value in a short amount of time.

Exclusive Design

O-Cedar designed it to be adaptable in all situation. The mop head is designed in a triangular form so that it can get to the corner of the walls and furniture.

You can wring without getting your hands dirty. Just place the mop head on the spin and paddle with your foot. You can control the moisture level with the amount and speed of your paddling.


The mop is designed with 360-degree rotation. It can easily maneuver in all the areas of your house. You don’t have to bend or use your hand in any messy situations.

When done with cleaning, just throw the mop head into the washing machine. I will also recommend replacing the refill every three months for best results.

The Mop Head Design

This mop is safe for all kinds of floors. But it is best for hardwood floors. We can use it wet for deep cleaning or dry for dusting floors and other surfaces.


You will find it surprising how well the microfiber technology works in this relatively low priced mop. It keeps just the right amount of moisture that you want on your floor.

Water is the biggest threat to hardwood floors. So, one can easily say that this is an essential part of this mop.


  • The microfiber is high quality
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Top notch design
  • The spin doesn’t make any mess


  • The paddle might get stuck sometimes


Q: Will this be good for bathrooms?

A: This is good for all kind of hard floors. Bathrooms commonly have tiles, ceramic, linoleum. So washrooms should not be a problem.

Q: Does the spin remove bits of dust and lint, so they aren’t deposited elsewhere?

A: Yes. The process is the same. Just spin the mop head in the spinner, and the job will be done.

4. Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop Premium

When it comes to feeling the cleaning, Bona takes the cup home. The microfiber is so good; you can almost feel the dust sticking to the mop head. Its microfibers do sticky magic on the ground.

Let’s look at some other features of this mop.

The Baseplate

It has a larger, more powerful baseplate with soft rubberized corners to prevent damage to baseboards and furniture. The large size of the baseplate allows more cleaning in less time.

The Microfiber Pad

The microfiber pad is the star of this mop. It is soft and washable. The padding gives a nice feel when cleaning. It soaks up all liquid and dust quickly. You will feel the pull of the pad. The Velcro system also makes it easy to change the pads.

The Canister And Spray

The canister is child proof. It has a twist lock which takes some power to turn and open. The mop smoothly slides into its place and clicks in. A button on the lower part of the mop releases the cartridge.

A good amount of original formula comes with the mop. The sources of the refill are convenient, and the refilling process is also straightforward.

The spray shoots a nice, broad stream of cleaner about 9 inches in front of the pad. Just enough to give a good scrub. It will leave no haze on the floor after they are dried.

The Design

The mop has a retractable hook for easy storage. Its soft cushion grips provide extra support for those deep cleaning sessions. The liquid trigger is smooth and easily controllable.


  • One of the best microfiber pads in the market
  • Safe canister
  • Secure corners of the baseplate
  • Smooth spay
  • GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for indoor air quality


  • You may find it hard to attach the upper and lower part together


Q: Is this safe for pets?

A: As it is GREENGUARD GOLD certified, it is safe for everything that an average household can have.

Q: Can I mix the Bona cleanser with water to mop my floors?

A: Yes, you can. It already comes with a good amount of liquid. But a little water will increase the quantity. But it will also decrease a certain amount of effectiveness of the solution.

5. Shark Steam Pocket Mop Hard Floor Cleaner With Swivel Steering

The shark cleaning products have a legacy behind them. This time they introduced us with the double-sided shark steam pocket mop. The shark’s patented steam pocket technology conducts, cleans and sanitizes your hard surface floors in one step and makes them dry in a second.

Steam Pocket Technology

The secret of its success is the double-sided steam pocket technology. Super-heated steam is injected into the double-sided steam pockets and released through both sides.

The steam flows through the entire surface area to maintain exact sanitizing temperature. Then, the cleaning area dries in seconds as the steam comes out from both the sides of the mop head.

The Design

The double-sided baseplate allows the mop to clean more with both of the sides just by flipping them over. It is designed to swivel 180 degrees for comfortable cleaning.

The design also includes a 25-foot cord. Its water capacity is excellent. And the handle is also telescoping. It is soft, and the design lessens its physical strain.

The Swivel Action Accessories

This is a complete floor cleaning system. It comes with four quick-change accessories. The Standard Head, Triangular Head, Extra-Large Head, and Steam Duster.

The standard head is as the name refers for standard use. Triangular head is most effective in toilets or where there is rounded shaped furniture or any obstacles on the floor.

The extra-large head is for the biggest rooms. It allows effortless cleaning of the largest rooms and biggest messes. The double-sided steam duster is perfect for dusting, cleaning, sanitizing and polishing hardwood.

Of course, all of these are washable.


  • It’s safe around infants and pets
  • Assembly is easy
  • Designed to suit most of the cleaning conditions
  • It picks up dust instead of making a mud


  • The superheating of water takes some time


Q: How much does it weigh?

A: It is 4.87 pounds.

Q: Can it be used to spot clean my carpets?

A: Yes, but you need a special attachment for it to go on the carpet.

6. Twist And Shout Mop – The Award-Winning Original Hand Push Spin Mop

This is the easy clean mop you always wanted. The best thing you will like about it is that you will never have to touch anything dirty. Even, in other mops that boast this advantage, one has to pull out the mop head when washing it.

But with twist and shout, you can do that with your leg. The body is very sturdy, so you need not fear to step on it.

Self-Wringing Spin

The wringing system here is unique. You will need no paddles or switches. It’s all in the handle. You have to unlock the wringing lever and put it in the spin basket. Then you need to push the handle down to wring and get the excess moisture out of the mop head. The wringing basket is just a free spin basket, no mechanism there.

Moisture Control

The microfiber is high quality in this mop. You can easily adjust the dampness of you mop depending on the task you’re doing.

Most of the microfibers are always either too wet for hardwoods that leaves a mark behind or too dry causing them to flip over. But you will have no such problems with this mop. The mop head will last about 6 to 12 months.


The head is very smooth. Swivel joint pivots 180° and rotates 360° to clean under furniture and along baseboards. The people with pets will have extra value with it. It, for some reason, is very good with dog drools.

It has a 54-inch long handle, so most of us should not have any problem with the height.


It has lesser moving parts that lessen the chance of breaking or leaking. It has an aluminum alloy construction making it very tough.


  • Washing is easy
  • Strong and sturdy design
  • It is a top rated hardware floor cleaning mop
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Also usable for windows, walls, and cars


  • The pole might feel a little flimsy. This feels sacrificed for lightweight


Q: Will these mop heads fit the old spin mop?

If they were made by the Twist and Mop company, they should fit.

Q: Does the plastic go in a washer?

Yes, it does. The blue ring of the mop head can be placed inside the washer. We recommend using a gentle cycle and air drying mop heads afterward.

7. Oshang Flat Squeeze Mop And Bucket – Hand-Free Wringing Floor Cleaning Mop

This one is very inventive regarding how it works. Filter teeth, super absorbent microfiber pad, no bending, no stepping, no touching and all the other good things you can hope for.

Let’s have a closer look at this excellent piece of engineering.

Self-Cleaning System

The mop cleans itself easily. You have to dip it in the bucket. There are two parts of the bucket. The first one contains water and the second one stays empty. Water with the filter teeth gets the filth out and cleans the pad. The second part has only the filter teeth that remove the excess water in the pad.


We have already mentioned how it self-cleans itself. Now, consider the fact that there is no use of your hand in the cleaning process. In other convenient mops, you need to pull the pad from the Velcro. But with Oshag flat squeeze, you do not need to worry about that.

Handles are padded for a strong and comfortable grip. The underneath of the bucket is also padded to stop it from moving while cleaning.

Mop Pads

You have two choices when it comes to the pads; Ultra-fine woven microfiber head, and Nylon-bristle head.

The first one is more effective for dusting and retains more water than cotton or disposable spray mop refills. The second one is better at getting the stubborn and sticky messes from the ground.


This bucket is made of hard plastic with an aluminum handle. So risks of breaking are very low. The pads can be reused up to 100 times. And each time it works as if it was its first time. The whole construction is stain free.


  • Convenient to use
  • Effective pads
  • It’s an all in one system
  • Also works in carpets and rugs


  • It picks up hair only when it’s wet


Q: Is the handle telescoping?

You can adjust the hand in 23.6, 35.4 or 49.6 inches.

Q: Can cleaning solution be used?

You can use with or without a solution.

8. Swiffer Professional Duster Max Heavy Duty Sweeper Mop

Swiffer has always been great with their products. This is another of their top reviewed hardwood floor mops. It has a good feel, sturdy design, fine dry cloths, and many more exclusive features. The Swiffer has all the virtues required for a great sweeper.

The Cloths

The star here is the clothes. There are two types of fabrics; Dry Cloth, and Wet Cloth. The dry cloths pick up dust and hair like magic. You won’t get a better value on this price range from anywhere else.  The wet cloths eat up all the dirt and grime and leave a nice smooth finish on the floor.

Use the microfiber cloth with the Swiffer cloth for a better result. Put the microfiber cloth on top of the Swiffer for maximum cleaning. They will give you the best value for the mops.


The mop is very lightweight. So you will have no problem moving it around. You can even reach the ceiling with this mop. It will give you a hand and knee clean as they say.

Attaching the cloths with the mop head is very easy. The head is 360 degrees swivel capable and as smooth as butter. The best type of mop for hardwood floors are always the most convenient and this is one of them.


After cleaning, it leaves a fresh, clean smell. It is also outstanding in cleaning textured surfaces. This is a feature that you don’t get to see in every other mop.

The mop cloths are balanced in taking in moisture. You do not want too much moisture on your hardwood as it harms the bond between the finishing and wood. Neither do you want too less moisture that will result in ineffective cleaning.


  • Woks in textured surfaces
  • A balanced intake of moisture
  • Very smooth swivel
  • A lot of linear time is saved by the wide swaths


  • Some additional items can only be bought from online the second time you purchase it


Q: How many refills do they come with?

They come with three wet refills.

Q: Is it telescoping?

No, it is not telescoping.

9. Hardwood Spray Mop For Floor Cleaning By CXhome

The CXhome spray mop is a perfectly designed home cleaner. It is created for comfortable and convenient cleaning. The mop includes many unique features that make it stand out of the crowd.

They designed it very economically. They lived up to their word that they create for cleaning the world not to add more garbage.

The Spray System

The mop is built ergonomically for the comfort of grip. It is designed so that you can easily pull the trigger and control the spray action. It is very sensitive to the power you pull it with so that the amount of moisture can easily be controlled.

The liquid container is refillable. To refill, do not twist or squeeze, give a firm pull. Make sure that the container cap clicks into the bottle or the sprayer will not work. To clear the lines and start spraying again, you might need to pull the trigger up to 30 times.


The head can move 360 degrees and also can get under furniture without sweating you much. There is a multifunction scraper. It is provided for squeezing water on the spray mop pads.

The side of the comb shape can remove hair making the cleaning job much easier. Its one-touch release system also makes it easily remove the spray bottle.

Strong Design

This mop has a metal pole with tough plastic handle and head – so no need to worry about breaking and bending. The spray system and liquid container are also very sturdy.

Until you secure the line entirely, the sprayer will not start to work. So no tension of leakage.  You can also add the microfiber pads to your package for a better result.


  • The spray system is very efficient
  • The trigger allows good control over the spray
  • The pole is solid
  • Usable in places other than floors
  • Good for the people with pets


  • The head is smaller than the Microfiber pads


Q: How do the pads stick to the head?

It stays attached with a Velcro.

Q: Can any solution be used with this mop?

Yes, it’s up to you what chemical or type of water you want to use.

10. Microfiber Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaning By Turbo Microfiber


This mop does an excellent job with hardwood along with tile, bamboo, cement, stone, and laminate. You can use it in anywhere like your office, dorm, basement, and bathroom.


For professional cleaning, the turbo is a fine choice. The metal head spins 360 degrees making it easy and comfortable for reaching the hardest of places. The price is also much lower than other mops of this category giving it a high value. This mop uses a microfiber gripping technology.

There are 10,000 fiber loops in the head which help to carry any dust or hair in the floor. The liquid sucking capability of this mop is extremely good. Its whole body including the screws is 100% rust free.


The pads are machine washable. They work for more extended periods creating far less mess than most other mops. The handle is extendable making it adjustable for all heights. This mop is mostly used for home cleaning.

The manufacturer’s customer service is excellent. They are quick on their return policy and respond to other complaints.


  • Pads are usable up to 100 times
  • It’s good for cleaning pet hair
  • Extremely good after-sales service
  • Rust free
  • Very good for picking up hair


  • The head might be small for big spaces or hall rooms


Q: Is the handle extendable?

Yes, the handle can be extended.

Q: What is the process of wringing the mop?

You can do it with your hand. But the easiest way is to use a sprayer rather than dumping the whole mop in water.

Features To Look Before Buying A Mop For Hardwood Floor

When buying your mop for a hardwood floor, you first need to identify the conditions that you are going to be cleaning in. For better understanding, some examples can be given on cleaning environment. Like;

  • The number of appliances your cleaning area has. Is it a hall room, a living room or your toilet?
  • Is the finish of your hardwood too sensitive to liquids?
  • Your time and convenience.

These along with other facts will drive you to the correct mop.

Now, if you observe our top ten list, you will notice that there are certain groups of mops. Here, we narrow down the huge range of products in the market by grouping them.

Spray Mops:

These mops have a spray system that can spray water or chemical solution on the floor for breaking the tough and sticky mess for easy cleaning.

Steam And Spray Mops:

These mops use both steam and spray to clean floors. You want to use these if you have a sensitive finish on your floor. Because extra moisture can harm the hardwood.

Spin Bucket Mop:

These mops have a bucket with it. The bucket has a spinner which wrings and dictates the moisture in the mop head. These mops take a lot of space but are very efficient.

Dual Bucket Mop:

These mops come with a dual bucket with a self-cleaning system. They also take a little more space but are incredibly convenient.

Regular Flathead Mops:

These mops are the regular flat head mops. They are very inexpensive compared to other mops, and if you can use the pads well, they might be the best mop you have ever experienced.

Now, when we have an idea about our requirements and the market, we can look forward to the considerable factors of a cleaning mop.

Size & Weight

We need to look for the weight and size that we will be able to carry with ease. You don’t want a cleaning device that you can’t carry around your home.

Pad Quality

The second most important thing is the pad quality. See whether the pad is going to pick up all the dust and hair. Will it be good with gooey and rough material on the floor?

Remember there should be more than one type of pad — one for soft cleaning and the other for tough cleaning. The pad should never be too rough as it might scar the floor. Pads should also be machine washable. Better if you don’t have to touch them while cleaning.

A big thing to care for is, whether the pads are economical and reusable.

Spray System

The spray system needs to be sleek and sensitive to the trigger.

Canister System

The canister capacity and lock system should be comfortable for you. See, if chemical solutions can be used in the canister.

Construction Strength

The mop should be well-built. Especially check the pole and the baseplate joint of the mop. You do not want the hustle of changing it again and again.


Consider the size of the baseplate. For larger rooms, you need larger baseplates. Also, see if the pads can be wrapped around the sides of the baseplate so you can clean baseboards with them.

Warranty & Consumer Service

Always consider these two for better satisfaction.

Extra Features

There are some features that instantly make a mop better than the other, like; perfumed steam, pocket pad, long cord, additional run-time system, etc.

If you can follow the three steps that have been described above, you should know just the right tool for your job.

The Best Mop, According To Our Research

You have already seen our best ten picks. We have chosen them according to the various needs that a person can have. But you need to understand, that a mop that is better for a person might not be suitable for another. It all depends on the person’s requirements and perspective.

But if we have to choose a single mop considering the needs of an average American home, it would be BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop.

This mop has all the features that you would like to see in a moping tool. It is light and compact, and easily portable. The mops with buckets do fail in this criteria.

It has the best microfiber pads with rotating baseplates. The pads contain all the features of a wonderful mop. They are super absorbent and easy to clean.

The spinning pads are handy for getting the roughest of dirt out of the floor. This gives you a hand and knee cleaning while you never have to bend for a second, making it the best mop for engineered hardwood floors.

Regular flathead buckets are uncomfortable because you have to push them back and forth again and again for a good finish where the rotation pads do this job for you. An additional benefit is that the machine in the mop doesn’t make any loud sound. So you can clean while your little one is at sleep.

These are the reasons that we have prioritized the BISSELL Spinwave over other products. However, there are some minor drawbacks of this mop.

It is a bit expensive. It does not come with a warranty as do a lot of other mops. But this is the best choice as it cleans and polishes your floor at the same time with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some common questions that will arise when buying a mop for hardwood. Some of them have been answered below.

Q: How Many Pads Should Come With The Mop?

A: It doesn’t matter how many pads come with the mop. What matters is, how much it costs to buy more mops.

Q: Does The Weight Of The Buckets Of The Bucket Mops Create Problems?

A: The bucket itself doesn’t weigh as much. But it is the water in them that adds the main weight, and that might create some problems.

Q: Should We Use Chemicals For Cleaning?

A: While using chemicals for cleaning is not preferable, sometimes, you need to apply them for breaking rough messes or disinfecting.

Q: What Is The Ideal Dimension For A Baseplate?

A: It depends on your work environment. The bigger the space, the bigger the plate should be.

Q: What Solution To Use For Moping?

A: If the mop doesn’t come with a solution, you might need to buy some other solution from the store. You can always make some at home. Our recipe is a quarter cup of dish soap, two cups of vinegar, two cups of warm water, and a half cup of lemon juice.

Q: What Type Of Mops Will Be Suitable For A Large Hardwood Area Like Hall Room Or Basketball Court?

A: A mop with a bucket will be good for this application. Also, try to get a large base plate for better linear speed.

Q: What Metal Should The Handle Be Made Of?

A: Aluminum and stainless steels are the trends these days. And they do pretty well. Just make sure that they are sturdy and rust free.

Q: How Long Should The Power Cable Be?

A: It can be anywhere from 20 to 25 feet.

Final Thoughts

Wood is a symbol of premium taste. But they can be extremely sensitive. Wood and water are natural enemies, and wood loses the battle every time.

So you need a professional level of cleaning materials to keep them in top shape.

The best mop for hardwood floors reviewed above should do the trick for you!