Best Mattress Wirecutter Reviews

The mattress is perhaps one of the most overlooked parts of your bed, although it should not be.

Many experts would agree that your overall physical health in the future could be determined solely by the quality of the mattress of your bed.

One of the reasons why mattresses are so overlooked is because of how complicated the process of choosing just one can be.

By the end of this guide, you will know exactly what kind of mattress you will need in the long term.

Top Picks : 5 Best Mattress Made In USA

Why Should You Buy an American Made Mattress?

You’ll often find that you can either save money on a mattress that is not american made or find that mattresses made in other places have different features that appear better than those made in the USA.

It is your choice if you want to own those kinds of mattresses, but American made mattresses are better for a number of reasons.

First, what you see is decisively what you get when it comes to American-made mattresses. All of the materials that make up the mattresses are perfectly detailed for you without any confusion or misunderstandings.

American made mattresses are also sourced completely locally, meaning that the quality is perfectly consistent with every mattress.

There are a lot of inconsistencies with mattresses that are not made in the United States and you will not encounter that at all with mattresses that are made in the United States.

Mattresses made in the United States are generally made of materials that are also of higher quality, as well as being made of the same materials every single time.

15 Wirecutter Best Mattress Reviews 2022

1. Full adaptive foam mattress by Tuft and Needle

TUFT & NEEDLE Original Full Mattress, Medium Feel, Cooling Pressure Relief, CertiPUR-US, 100-Night Tria, White

One of the most frustrating things about any given mattress is that they only favor one sleeping position most of the time. Unless you know that you have selected a mattress that fits your exact sleeping position, most of the time you will encounter a roll of the dice when you select a mattress when it comes to favoring your sleeping position.

You will not need to deal with this at all with Tuft and Needle’s mattress. The foam is made of an open-cell structure which will adjust to any sleeping position. This is fantastic if you are the type who constantly switches sleeping positions, which is more common than you might think.

Most mattresses can also get too warm when you are sleeping. This is especially true when it is warm in your home. Tuft and Needle’s mattress also contains cooling properties that will pull heat away. This is very useful if you find yourself being too warm when you sleep.

It can take some time for Tuft and Needle’s mattress to expand. You’ll need to let it stand for up to 72 hours to fully expand and for odors to dissipate and even then there is a good chance that it won’t expand completely. All things considered, it will take a lot longer than you might want for Tuft and Needle’s mattress to expand completely.


2. Cooling gel memory foam mattress with free pillow by DynastyMattress

Dynasty Mattress CoolBreeze® 12 Inch Essential Sleep Air Gel Infused Memory Foam Bed Medium Firm Full Size

Most mattresses that claim that they have cooling properties often do not live up to their claim. They might stay cool if your home is cool, but they will struggle to stay cool when the temperature in your home begins to rise. This is a significant problem that most deal with when it comes to mattresses.

This problem is solved with DynastyMattress’s mattress. It consists of two layers. The first layer is made of 3 inches of memory foam combined with sleep cool technology foam. This will ensure that it stays cool no matter what the temperature in your home is.

The life of your mattress is also in good hands with DynastyMattress’s mattress. The bottom layer of the mattress contains high density memory foam that ensures that the base is durable enough to last a long time. This is not very common in other memory foam mattresses.

The only thing that you might need to watch for with DynastyMattress’s mattress has to do with its comfort rating. It contains medium firm support, which might be a little too firm for some. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you need a mattress that isn’t as firm.


3. “Arctic Dream” Cooling gel mattress with quick response memory foam by Dreamfoam

Arctic Dreams 10' Cooling Gel Mattress with Quick Response Gel Infused Memory Foam -Made in The USA, King

Any mattress that is delivered in a compressed state typically takes a very long time to completely expand, if it ever expands at all. As convenient as this is, it is also very frustrating to deal with a mattress that never truly expands and that is often the sacrifice that most accept when it comes to mattresses such as these.

One of the best things about the Arctic Dream, by Dreamfoam, is that it takes a much shorter time for it to expand than most other mattresses of its kind. It generally takes a little over 24 hours to expand and once it has expanded it has expanded completely. You will not need to deal with certain parts of it still being compressed.

Another impressive thing about the Arctic Dream is that it contains a 2 inch layer of Energex foam that bridges the gap between the latex and visco-memory foam. This combines the responsiveness of latex and the pressure point relief of memory foam, maximizing comfort.

The top of the Arctic Dream mattress is designed to resist body impressions over time. While this does wonders for its longevity, this also means that it does not favor every sleeping position. You will need to look elsewhere if you are looking for a mattress that is comfortable for all sleeping positions.


4. Hybrid mattress by Idle

best mattress made in USA


As convenient as hybrid mattresses are, they leave almost too much to be desired in terms of comfort. Sleeping on most of them can feel like you are sleeping on cardboard, and this is what drives most away from them. They do have value, but the value isn’t perfect and there are certainly things that can improve.

Idle’s hybrid mattress changes all of this. Not only is it two-sided meaning it will last practically twice as long as other mattresses, it also contains buoyancy foam that contains a lot more coils than other hybrid mattresses do. Idle’s hybrid mattress contains 1000 coils, which is nearly three times more than the average hybrid mattress coil count of 300.

As comfortable and as convenient as Idle’s hybrid mattress is, it still leaves a few things to be desired. First, it does not stay cool nearly as effectively as most other mattresses, especially ones that do not follow the hybrid model.

Another thing about Idle’s hybrid mattress that you’ll need to look out for is that it does not resist body impressions. This almost locks you into one sleeping position and you’ll be frustrated if you are the type who sleeps in more than one position.


5. “Marley King” cooling gel memory foam mattress in a box by Sleep Innovations

Sleep Innovations Marley 12 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Airflow Channel Foam for Breathability, King Size, Bed in a Box, Medium Firm Support

Very few mattresses are able to combine comfort, durability, and versatility. Most of them specialize in one of these qualities while leaving the other two behind. At best, you’ll find a mattress that somewhat excels at two of these qualities but leaves far too much to be desired when it comes to the other quality.

The Marley King by Sleep Innovations attempts to excel at all three qualities and it succeeds in many ways. First, the mattress has three different layers that combine comfort and durability perfectly. It has a 7 inch base, with a 3 inch air channel foam and a 2 inch cooling gel foam layer on the top to prevent things from getting too warm.

This triple layer design also makes the Marley King much more versatile than most other mattresses of its kind. No matter what kind of sleeping positions you cycle through, you will always be comfortable in the Marley King’s mattress because of the triple layer design.

The only thing about the Marley King that prevents it from being perfect is that the cooling gel of the mattress does not do nearly as good a job as other mattresses do. You may not notice this if you keep your home cool, but you’ll definitely notice if your home is warm.


6.“AS3” by AmeriSleep

best mattress made in USA


As comfortable as most current mattresses can be, a lot of them can still feel very heavy. This is especially true if the mattress is made of different layers. Mattresses that have a weighted feel usually provide a lot of comfort at first, but this level of comfort doesn’t tend to last long as your body will begin to imprint onto the mattress.

This is not an issue at all with the AS3 by AmeriSleep. The mattress contains HIVE technology which provides zoned comfort and support. This creates a weightless feel and this also provides long lasting comfort.

Nearly all mattresses use cooling memory foam, but most of them do not contain memory foam that provides a legitimate cooling effect. Something that separates the AS3’s memory foam base from others is that it contains something called Bio-Pur memory foam. Made of plant based materials, this foam provides a decisive cooling effect.

Although the AS3 is tailored to adapt to all sleep positions, it tends to favor those who sleep on their side more than others. You’ll probably want to look elsewhere if you change positions when you sleep often.


7. Signature hybrid mattress by Brooklyn Bedding

best mattress made in USASource

Hybrid mattresses are among some of the most convenient mattresses in existence. You can use both sides of the mattress and this makes them last much longer than most other mattresses. However, one of the biggest issues with hybrid mattresses is that they usually do not have much to offer when it comes to selecting how firm they can be. You are often stuck with just one firmness level and this is very frustrating.

Brooklyn Bedding’s hybrid mattress changes all of this. It contains the same kind of benefits as any other hybrid mattress, but it is available in all three firmness levels: Soft, medium, and firm. This gives you a world of options that you typically do not have with other hybrid mattresses.

The top layer of Brooklyn Bedding’s hybrid mattress contains something called TitanFlex foam. This foam combines contouring properties of memory foam with the responsiveness of latex foam. This provides a level of support that is not seen in many other mattresses.

The only thing that you might need to watch for with Brooklyn Bedding’s hybrid mattress is that it comes in a box. This means you will need to wait a little while for it to completely expand. This is especially true because it contains three layers.


8. Two-sided pocket coil mattress by Spring Dreams

Spring Dreams 9' Two-Sided Pocket Coil Mattress, Made in Arizona, King

One of the biggest issues that surround any given two-sided mattress is that they take a long time to expand and oftentimes, they do not expand completely. This almost defeats the purpose of the two-sided mattress, which is known for their longevity. There is no real reason to even own a two-sided mattress if it is never going to fully expand.

Spring Dreams changes all of this with its two-sided mattress. Instead of containing three layers which usually do not ever expand completely, it contains just one layer. This makes it much easier to expand and will expand completely where other two-sided mattresses typically will not. This also makes Spring Dreams’ two-sided mattress worth keeping for a long time.

Unfortunately, longevity is practically the only thing that Spring Dreams can offer with its two-sided mattress. It doesn’t have much else to offer when it comes to comfort and cooling. It does not contain memory foam layers or any other layers that provide comfort or cooling. This is the sacrifice that you make when choosing this mattress.

Also, being only 8 inches, Spring Dreams’ two-sided mattress also does not resist body imprints too well. This can cause you to flip it more than you might want. Although this does not entirely take away from its longevity, it does take away from some of its comfort.   


9. “Molecule 1” mattress by Molecule

best mattress made in USA

Most mattresses are able to do a decent job of providing general support, but it is very rare to find a mattress that is able to provide targeted support. While this is negligible for most, there are definitely moments where targeted support is called for, especially if you have abnormalities in places that encounter a lot of pressure while sleeping, such as your lumbar or your neck.

Something that makes the Molecule 1 stand out above other mattresses is that it contains zoned reflex layers. These allow for targeted and adaptive support that will really assist you if you do have abnormalities in places that encounter a lot of pressure.

The cover of the Molecule 1 is also uniquely made, being crafted from heat and moisture wicking technologies. This regulates the microclimate between your body and the sleep surface. This means it will heat up and cool down according to your body temperature. This is a quality that is not seen in any other mattresses and it is a quality that improves its value greatly.

The Molecule 1 suffers from a significant drawback: It will not last long. This is because it is made of so many different layers that contain advanced qualities. As much comfort that these layers provide, there is no way that it will last as long as other mattresses that are made of layers that are meant to last long.


10. “Unwind” hybrid mattress by Dreamfoam

Dreamfoam Bedding Unwind 11.5' Mattress, Twin XL

Some mattresses contain a lot of layers and although they provide maximum comfort, they typically do not last long and are difficult to set up. Sometimes all you need is a mattress that lasts very long, is easy to set up, and still provides a level of comfort that you can be satisfied with.

You’ll find a good combination of comfort and longevity with the Unwind, by Dreamfoam. The top layer contains comfort foam that will provide a soft surface, which lasts a long time but will also give you a breathable surface that feels a decent amount better than most standard mattresses.

Motion transfer is always an issue when it comes to mattresses, and the Unwind addresses this with its transition foam layer. This layer will decrease motion transfer, making it suitable for anybody who changes sleep positions more than usual.

The only thing you’ll need to watch for with the Unwind is that it only provides a comfort level that is only a little bit above average. The layers of the Unwind do not contain any special properties that maximize comfort. You’ll need to look elsewhere if you are looking for a mattress that provides specialized comfort.


11. “Premium Cool” mattress with all climate memory foam by Revel

Revel Premium Cool Mattress (Cal King), Featuring All Climate Cooling Gel Memory Foam and LiftTex Alternative Latex, Made in the USA with a 10-Year Warranty, Amazon Exclusive

One of the most common issues that a lot of mattresses that contain cooling gel and other temperature regulating properties face is that they struggle to resist change in external temperatures. While your body temperature is indeed regulated with mattresses like these, the mattress itself runs the risk of being altered over time.

The Premium Cool by Revel solves this by containing all climate cooling gel in its top layer. This gel not only regulates your body temperature while you sleep but it will also resist external temperature, meaning that the mattress itself will not turn unusually hard in cold weather or unusually soft in warm weather. This contributes that much more to its comfort level.

The three different layers of the Premium Cool also covers all the bases when it comes to overall comfort and airflow. The middle layer contains proper airflow channels and the bottom layer allows it to last a lot longer than most other mattresses like it.

The only thing that you’ll need to worry about with the Premium Cool is that it will take a significantly longer time than most to expand. You’ll need to wait at least 48 hours for it to expand, and even then there is no guarantee that it will expand completely.


12. Hybrid eurotop mattress by Early Bird

Early Bird Fusion 12 Inch Hybrid Mattress, King, Supportive Memory Foam Comfort

Even though most modern mattresses perform really well when it comes to overall comfort and airflow, there are times where you need something that does an even better job at providing these things. Unfortunately, most of these mattresses have clear limitations when it comes to these kinds of properties.

Early Bird’s hybrid mattress takes these properties to whole new levels. Most hybrid mattresses contain at most three layers, but Early Bird’s hybrid mattress contains five. Three different foams cover the coils, which are supported by another layer of foam. This creates a level of comfort that is not seen in other mattresses, being able to provide spinal alignment for sleepers in any position.

Something else you’ll notice about Early Bird’s hybrid mattress is how well it handles airflow. Instead of using springs that flex together, they flex independently, which improves airflow to where it is decisively better than other mattresses that only scratch the surface when it comes to airflow regulation.

The only thing you’ll need to worry about with Early Bird’s hybrid mattress is that because it contains so many layers, it will take a very long time to completely expand, if it ever completely expands. You might also need to deal with body imprinting because of how the coils flex.


13. Graphite infused memory foam mattress by The American Mattress Company

Made in The USA 10' Graphite Infused Memory Foam Mattress Sleeps Cooler (RV King - 72x80)

Most mattresses do a decent job at airflow regulation as well as keeping your body cool while you sleep. However, there are certainly moments when you might need to look beyond this industry standard when it comes to an issue like this. Your search for a mattress that will keep you decisively cool can be long and frustrating because most mattresses don’t go above and beyond when it comes to something like this.

The American Mattress Company has come up with a mattress that will keep you cool no matter what. It does this by infusing graphite in its memory foam layers. Graphite is known to be naturally heat resistant and it offers even better cooling properties than memory foam alone. You’ll get a lot out of the American Mattress Company’s mattress if you struggle to keep cool in hot climates while sleeping.

This does not take away from the overall durability of the mattress, either. The base of the American Mattress Company’s mattress contains a high density layer that contributes quite a bit to its durability, especially given that its main layer is made of graphite.

However, you should not expect the American Mattress Company’s mattress to expand quickly. You’ll need to wait about 36 or so hours for it to completely expand, and even then you might be faced with inconsistencies because of how delicate the graphite surface is.


14. Gel memory foam mattress by Excel Sleep

Excel Sleep American Made - 6' Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Medium-Firm Feel (48 x 75)

One of the biggest issues that surround most mattresses is that they are too big. Massive 10 and 12 inch mattresses tend to take a very long time to expand and can crowd a room. It can also be a little more difficult to get out of beds such as these because they are so high. Although smaller beds exist, very few of them offer what their larger counterparts offer in terms of overall comfort or air circulation.

Excel Sleep changes all this with their mattress. The top layer is made up of gel memory foam which offers a feel that is not too soft or too firm. Very few 6 inch mattresses contain this kind of feature and this gel memory foam layer will make Excel Sleep’s mattress feel like it is a 12 inch mattress.

Because it is only 6 inches tall, Excel Sleep’s mattress will expand very quickly. It will also expand very completely. You will not need to worry about waiting a week for it to fully expand and you will not need to worry if certain parts of it have not expanded. Excel Sleep’s mattress will completely expand after 72 hours.


15. “Aspire” 8 inch gel memory foam mattress by Thrive

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Most mattresses that measure under 10 inches don’t offer too much when it comes to comfort or airflow circulation. They are typically made up of 2 layers at most and although this provides a decent amount of comfort or airflow circulation, it does not measure up to its larger counterparts. This is very frustrating to deal with if you do not have the room for a large mattress.

The Aspire by Thrive combines the best of both worlds with its mattress. Even though it is only 8 inches tall, it still contains the same amount of layers that most mattresses that measure 10 or 12 inches tall. The top layer contains air gel memory foam, the second layer contains an open cell breathable foam and the bottom layer functions as a high density base. These provide similar properties that most of its bigger counterparts provide.

Another fantastic thing about the Aspire is that it comes with a zipper cover that you can clean much easier than other mattresses. No longer will you need to awkwardly vacuum the top layer of your mattress in order to clean it. With the Aspire, you can just take the cover off and wash it right along with your sheets.

You’ll still probably want to look elsewhere if you are looking for a mattress that can provide the exact same kinds of airflow circulation and comfort properties that you can find in a hybrid mattress, however. The layers of the Aspire do not go above and beyond in this category.


Mattresses Made in The USA: A Buying Guide

Mattresses are like most other kinds of furniture in that they revolve around one activity but contain certain specializations that you should know about.

Consider the following things before making a decision on a new mattress.

What is your most consistent sleeping position?

Although none of us are completely still when sleeping, we certainly have one position that is consistent when sleeping, whether that is being on your back, on your side, or on your stomach.

Knowing this is crucial because certain mattresses favor certain sleeping positions.

The other considerations will revolve around this one consideration since it is so important.

Do you have back issues?

Some mattresses are designed for people who have back issues or injuries while some others assume that your back is perfectly healthy.

Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to seek out mattresses that are designed for those with back issues if you yourself have back issues.

Do you value comfort or body temperature regulation?

While it is an industry standard for mattresses to regulate body temperature as well as be as comfortable as possible, some mattresses sacrifice a little of one of these for the other.

This is something you should consider because while a mattress could be very comfortable, you might be even more comfortable if you were to choose a mattress that regulates body temperature more.

How long do you intend on keeping your mattress?

Although the default answer to this is probably “forever,” you would be surprised at the differences in longevity between each mattress.

Some mattresses are actually reversible, meaning you can properly sleep on either side of them. However, most of these mattresses have little to offer in terms of comfort or body temperature regulation.

This is certainly something you need to be very aware of before choosing a mattress.

American Made Mattress Brands


Anyone who is looking for variety and a wide selection of mattresses and other bedding accessories that match up to any specific need when it comes to sleep and relaxation. They offer 100 night trials as a form of risk reversal as well as 20 year warranties on all of their mattresses as well. Their catalog contains memory foam as well as hybrid mattresses and both of these contain their patented Bio-Pur technology which drastically improve breathability as well as body temperature regulation.


Purple is known for their “purple grid” top layer, which provides infinitely more comfort than most other top layers of other mattresses. Something else they offer are their own foundations for their mattresses. Most mattresses require a box spring, but this is not the case with Purple. Their mattresses are so durable that you can set them on nothing but a bed frame without any penalty at all.


One thing about Casper’s mattresses that stand out is that they offer a good variety of mattresses for different kinds of needs. They offer two models of hybrid mattresses as well as their original mattress for those who do not need the advanced support systems of their hybrid mattress. All three of these differ greatly in price, making Casper a very good brand to shop if you are conscious of your budget.

Layla Sleep

Layla contains practically everything you need when it comes to sleep. They have hybrid mattresses, memory foam mattresses, all kinds of sleep accessories, and even weighted blankets for extremely cold temperatures. However, they only offer one model each for their hybrid and memory foam mattresses, so your options regarding those are a little more limited compared to other brands.

Helix Sleep

One thing about Helix that makes it stand out above others is that they offer a very wide selection of both standard and hybrid mattresses. They have mattresses available in literally all firmness levels for any sleep position. You will not encounter a selection that is greater anywhere else. They also have a decent selection of bedding, bases, and pillows as well as a short questionnaire that you can take that will match you up with a mattress that they suggest to you based on your answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any memory foam USA mattresses?

A: Years ago, the answer to this question would be a resounding “no.” But nowadays, memory foam is slowly becoming an industry standard for mattresses that mattress organizations in the USA are starting to adjust to. Currently, you can find a lot more than a smattering of memory foam mattresses that are made in the USA. It’s only a matter of time before this becomes a de-facto industry standard.

Q: What type of mattresses are made in the USA?

A: The answer to this question depends on what the mattresses are being used for. Currently, the USA makes all kinds of mattresses, from mattresses that just barely meet the standards set by the industry to mattresses that contain both memory foam, cooling gel, as well as several layers that ensure comfort and body temperature regulation. It all depends on what the mattress is for.

Q: What is the best selling mattress in the USA?

A: The best selling mattress in the USA are mattresses that are made of memory foam. Since memory foam mattresses are slowly becoming an industry standard and are still within the budgets of most consumers, they tend to be the most popular. While most do prefer hybrid mattresses, such mattresses cost a lot of money and most do not have the budget for such a mattress.

Q: What mattress is best for sleeping?

A: The answer to this question is dependent on a few factors, including back pain and your sleep position. The most significant of these is back pain. If you encounter a lot of back pain, hybrid mattresses would be best for sleeping. There exist other mattresses that are designed for certain sleep positions as well. The closest thing to a mattress that decisively improves sleep quality for all would probably be the hybrid mattress.

Q: Which is better: A spring or memory foam?

A: Mattresses made of memory foam are decisively better than any mattress made from springs. However, mattresses that use memory foam can leave body imprints much faster than any mattress that uses springs. This is one of the reasons why mattresses that use springs have been an industry standard for so long: They last a lot longer than those that use memory foam.

Q: What is the most comfortable mattress for back pain?

A: Hybrid mattresses are far and away the most comfortable mattress for back pain. Back pain is usually developed by sitting or standing too long, but it can also develop by sleeping in a bed that is not firm enough. However, sleeping in a bed that is too firm can also cause back pain. Hybrid mattresses marry these together, creating a bed that actually targets areas of your back that encounter pain when you sleep. Choose a hybrid mattress as your next mattress if you encounter back pain.

Q: What are the disadvantages of a memory foam mattress?

A: Mattresses that are made of memory foam were often not considered up to standard until recently for a very simple reason: They do not last long. Mattresses made of memory foam will often develop body imprints within weeks, and this is very frustrating to deal with. However, certain advances have been made to prevent this from happening, slowly making memory foam mattresses an industry standard among mattresses.


Mattresses made in the USA follow stricter standards than mattresses made outside of the USA.

It is very exciting to see that newer standards for mattresses are also being created, but you do not need to wait for these new standards to emerge if you want to enjoy a better mattress right now.

All you need to do is take some time to determine what kind of mattress would be best for you in the long term and check out what any given mattress manufacturer in the USA has to offer.

Getting proper, painless sleep is the single best thing you can do for yourself. Accomplish this by seeing what different kinds of mattresses made in the USA have to offer.