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Pocket knives are not only a very useful tool, but they are also a very useful instrument of self defense and protection.

Something that you need to know about pocket knives is that while they are not too dangerous, they do come in numerous different forms, with some of them being a little more dangerous than others.

Knowing which pocket knives are best for you either as a tool that assists you in doing certain tasks or as a weapon which will allow you to defend yourself is the best way to get you to settle for one that you can rely on.

Top Picks : 5 Popular Pocket Knives

5 Featured American Pocket Knives

#1 Jigged bone russlock pocket knife by Case

Case WR XX Pocket Knife Amber Jigged Bone Russlock Item #260 - (61953L SS) - Length Closed: 4 1/4 Inches

Most pocket knives that are easy to deploy struggle to stay locked in place. What usually happens is that as soon as you begin cutting something with your knife, the blade will struggle to stay in place and this is very frustrating to deal with, especially if you are using your pocket knife as a box cutter or some other kind of simple tool.

Dealing with this is a thing of the past when using Case’s pocket knife. Containing a liner lock mechanism, all you need to do to lock the blade in place is to simply deploy the blade. Once the blade is opened, it is locked in place and you will not need to worry about it shaking or closing when using it.

Deploying the blade of Case’s pocket knife is also really easy. The lever of the blade is gimped, making it very easy to draw the blade in an instant. This is very nice if you are looking for a pocket knife that you can have for protection.

The only issue with Case’s pocket knife that you’ll need to be aware of is that the blade is made of stainless carbon steel. While blades made of this kind of material are resistant to rusting and pitting, you will also need to sharpen it frequently if you use it regularly.


#2 Folding knife with serrated edge and clip point by Gerber Gator

Gerber Gear 06079N Gator Folding Knife, Serrated Edge, Clip Point

A very common issue that most pocket knives face is that most of them are not strong enough to cut through things when using them as a tool. Whether it is rope, leather, tough weeds, or anything else that requires a reliable knife to cut through, chances are really good that you will not find such a knife nowadays since most of them have very dull edges.

Gerber Gator’s pocket knife is a very good choice if you need a pocket knife that you can use as a tool. The serrated edge of the blade makes it very easy to slice through things that you need to cut. Very few things stand a chance against such a blade. Gerber Gator’s pocket knife can cut through thin rope and very tough weeds like butter.

It is also very easy to hold Gerber Gator’s pocket knife as well. The handle is designed in a way that allows you to grip very tightly as you use it to cut through very tough materials. This is one more thing that makes it suitable for camping and hunting.

The only thing about Gerber Gator’s pocket knife that needs to improve is how the blade deploys. Unlike most pocket knives where you can deploy the blade with the press of a button, this is not the case with Gerber Gator’s pocket knife. This makes it less than ideal if you are looking for a pocket knife for protection.


#3 Folding knife with fine edge and clip point by Gerber Gator

Gerber Gear 06069N Gator Folding Knife, Fine Edge, Clip Point, 8.5 Inch

Pocket knives can be very dangerous, especially if they do not contain mechanisms that allow the blade to be securely in place while using it. Surprisingly enough, the majority of pocket knives are designed this way, making them a lot more dangerous than they need to be.

One thing that makes Gerber Gator’s pocket knife a lot more safe than other pocket knives is that it contains a lock-back mechanism that will keep your blade securely in place while you are using it. The blade will move very little when using it and this is far less dangerous than other pocket knives.

The handle of Gerber Gator’s pocket knife is another thing that makes it very safe to use. Being made of a material that resembles the skin of an alligator that is also made of glass-filled nylon, you will not need to worry about Gerber Gator’s pocket knife slipping out of your hands when it gets wet.

The only thing that you might not like about Gerber Gator’s pocket knife is the fact that it is a folding knife. The blade doesn’t deploy with the press of a button or a lever like most other pocket knives do and this makes it a little less convenient than it could be.


#4 Amber bone peanut pocket knife by Case

CASE XX WR Pocket Knife Amber Bone Peanut Item #045 - (6220 SS) - Length Closed: 2 7/8 Inches

Most pocket knives only come with one blade. While this is an industry standard that most ignore, there is still a demand for pocket knife blades that are a little smaller. This usually results in owning two pocket knives for multiple purposes instead of just owning one pocket knife that contains more than one blade.

One of the best things about Case’s peanut pocket knife is that it comes with two blades. The clip blade is just like any other blade of any other pocket knife which can be used for multiple purposes. If you need to do light work and need a smaller blade, you can use the pen blade that comes with Case’s peanut pocket knife. This makes it that much more versatile than other pocket knives.

Another good thing about Case’s peanut pocket knife is that it truly is a knife that can fit in your pocket. It is petite, lightweight, and it will not weigh you down as much as other pocket knives tend to do. Neither of the blades have a serrated edge meaning you will also not need to sharpen them as much.

The only thing you’ll want to watch for with Case’s peanut pocket knife is that the handle is not nearly as sturdy or as ergonomic as the handles of most other pocket knives are. Expect the handle to slip as soon as it gets wet or as soon as your hands get wet.


#5 Worn old bone lockback pocket knife by Case

CASE XX WR Pocket Knife Pocket Worn Old Red Bone Lockback Item #2758 - (61225L SS) - Length Closed: 3 Inches

Most pocket knives that contain a drop point blade struggle with being locked in place properly. This makes things a lot more dangerous than they should be and it is frustrating to deal with. Combine this with a handle that slips a lot and is not designed optimally and a useful tool turns into an unnecessarily dangerous weapon. You will not deal with any of this when using Case’s lockback pocket knife. Its drop point blade locks right in place as soon as you deploy the blade, preventing it from moving as much as possible when using it. You will not need to worry about the blade closing on you when it is open all the way and this is very rare to see in pocket knives that use drop point blades.

The extended and rough handle of Case’s lockback pocket knife also ensures that it will not slip when using it no matter how wet it gets. This makes it a lot more safe than other pocket knives that can sometimes slip when being used.

Case’s lockback pocket knife is a folding knife, meaning you will need to open it manually. This is a negligible issue with pocket knives that use clip blades, but it does make knives that use drop point blades a little more dangerous than they should be.


Pocket knives – A Buying Guide

Different pocket knives have different qualities to them that you should certainly be aware of before acquiring one.

You need to understand that pocket knives have dozens of different uses as well. One goal that you should have is to do all you can to possess one pocket knife that can do everything for you.

Keep the following considerations in mind before you make a decision on a pocket knife.

Do you need a pocket knife for hunting, camping, or other outdoor activities?

One of the most common reasons for possessing a pocket knife is to use as a tool when camping, hunting, or doing anything else outdoors. There are certain pocket knives that are better at doing outdoor tasks than others and you should certainly be aware of this.

It is best to look for a pocket knife with a handle that doesn’t slip if you need to use one for outdoor activities.

Do you need a pocket knife for home improvement or other indoor projects?

If you need a pocket knife for indoor projects, you’ll want one with a very strong blade. Some pocket knives come with blades that have serrated edges and you will want to look for a blade like this when doing indoor tasks with it.

Be careful when using pocket knives with serrated edges. Most of the time, you’ll need to sharpen them regularly and they can be dangerous.

Do you need a pocket knife for protection?

It isn’t uncommon to carry a pocket knife for protection, and you’ll want to be aware of a couple of things if you are interested in carrying a pocket knife for protection.

First, you’ll need to determine if it is in line with the laws of the place that you live to even carry one. Second, you’ll want to possess a pocket knife that deploys the blade very quickly.

How experienced are you in using pocket knives?

No matter the situation that you need a pocket knife for, some of them are user friendly and some of them are designed for those who are experienced with their mechanics. Some pocket knives deploy their blades by unfolding, some deploy their blades with a lever, and some deploy the blade with the push of a button.

It’s up to you to decide which pocket knife is more user-friendly this way they are as safe as possible to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it illegal to walk around with a pocket knife?

A: A pocket knife is considered a weapon, and walking around with one with the blade out could be considered against the law in some states of municipalities. The best thing to do is to check with your local law enforcers to see if you will get in trouble with the law if you are in possession of a pocket knife.

Q: Is a 4 inch knife illegal?

A: Unless you are using it for fishing or some other outdoor activity, possessing a knife where the blade exceeds 4 inches is illegal in most states or municipalities. However, this does not mean that possessing a small pocket knife with the blade withdrawn is against the law. In most cases, you’ll be able to possess a small pocket knife without any penalty, as long as the blade is not out.

Q: Is a pocket clip considered open carry?

A: Whether a pocket clip is considered open carry or not depends on what is inside of the clip. If the clip is a very small blade, chances are good that it is not considered a lethal weapon and thus will not be considered open carry. If the contents of the clip are what the place you live considers a lethal weapon, then you need to be aware that it might be considered open carry. The best thing you can do is check what your local laws state.

Q: Are pocket knives considered weapons?

A: In most places, any object that is designed to cut or bludgeon is considered a weapon. Just like brass knuckles are considered a weapon, most pocket knives are considered weapons. However, whether the pocket knife is considered a lethal weapon or not depends on the size of the blade. This is something you should certainly be aware of and you can easily check with your local law enforcers to see what is considered a weapon or a lethal weapon.


Pocket knives are some of the most useful objects that you can possess. You can use pocket knives to help you when doing tasks indoors, outdoors, or even as a form of self-protection.

Don’t forget that different pocket knives have different kinds of qualities that you should certainly familiarize yourself with before you acquire one.

Take some time to compare all the qualities of the pocket knives you come across to see which one is best for you.