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Wirecutter Best Flashlight Reviews

High powered flashlights are one of the most important things you can have in your possession if you do anything in the dark, whether it is doing outdoor activities or working.

These flashlights are all about providing good vision as well as letting others know where you are.

The following are some of the wireandcutter best flashlights that do this very well.

Take some time to explore the following high powered flashlights to see which one is best for you

Editors’ Pick: Top 5 High Power Flashlight

What makes a flashlight the best? It is not only its power and brand, or the materials with which it has been built, it is also its usefulness and the guarantee of safety that it has, which is valued until the end, a flashlight with long usefulness, light power and excellent manufacturing to ensure our vision in the darkest places. We highlight on this site the best uses of a flashlight, the advantages of having one or more at home, different places where you can buy them at a very good price

Top 5 Wirecutter Best Flashlight Reviews


STANLEY FATMAX SL10LEDS Rechargeable 2200 Lumen Lithium Ion Ultra Bright LED Spotlight Flashlight with USB Power Charger

Carrying around a high powered flashlight that you only use periodically can be frustrating. This is especially true if the flashlight doesn’t contain a strap or some other method of carrying it easily. It is even more frustrating if you need to carry a flashlight like this for long periods of time.

Your solution to this comes in the form of the Fatmax, by Stanley. It contains a pistol-grip design, making it very easy to carry and use without sacrificing brightness. The brightness levels of the Fatmax is 2200 lumens, which can provide very bright light even in very dark areas.

The Fatmax also has hands-free components in the form of a pivoting stand and a trigger lock. This is very useful if you are using it for camping or any other activity where you need your flashlight to stay in one position.

You also have charging options with the Fatmax, as well. It comes with a USB charger for your devices and the flashlight itself contains AC and DC adaptors, meaning you can charge it from almost anywhere.

The only thing that really sets the Fatmax back is that it doesn’t contain a lot of lighting options. It only has a high and low option for the light itself, and it also does not have a strobe function, which is common in a lot of high powered flashlights. You’ll need to look for a different flashlight if you want better lighting options.

#2. Best Power Super Bright: CSNDICE Rechargeable Spotlight

CSNDICE 35W Rechargeable Handheld Flashlights- High Lumens Spotlight 9000 Lumens, IPX45 Waterproof Rechargeable Spotlight USB Output 6600mAh, Can be Used for Home and Outdoor use

Camping or working in complete darkness can be really intimidating and dangerous. One of the reasons why high powered flashlights are necessary is because of situations like these. One issue that high powered spotlights have is that some of them do not provide the kind of light that you need in complete darkness.

You will not need to worry about this at all when you have Csndice’s spotlight in your possession. With its light containing 6000 lumens, you will be able to venture outside in the dark with total confidence. Csndice’s spotlight is a must if you work in the dark and if you intend to do any outdoor activity in the dark.

The battery lasts a long time for a spotlight that shines so bright, as well. With the battery containing 9000 mAh, you’ll be able to use it for as long as 20 hours before recharging it in most cases. It comes with a shoulder strap as well, making it a lot easier to carry than other spotlights of its kind.

As bright as Csndice’s spotlight is, there is no way you can adjust this light down. 6000 lumens is the brightest and the dimmest that it gets, making it one-dimensional in its use. You’ll need a different flashlight if you want something that is less bright.

#3. Best Waterproof Powerful Torch: IMALENT MS18 Brightest Flashlight

IMALENT MS18 Brightest Flashlight 100,000 Lumens, LED Flashlight 18pcs Cree XHP70.2 LEDs, Rechargeable Powerful Torch Long Throw Up to 1350 Meters, with OLED Display and Built-in Cooling Tools

Most high powered flashlights that are designed for providing light to very dark wide open spaces only contain one light setting: Extremely bright. This reduces the options that they have to the point where they aren’t even worth possessing.

There are very few flashlights that contain the power or the options that Imalent’s flashlight contains, if any. When it comes to brightness, nothing comes close. Imalent’s flashlight has an output of 100000 lumens. Brightness levels like this can reach over 4000 feet. If you are doing something like highway construction at night, you’ll want Imalent’s flashlight for this feature alone.

You’ll also want Imalent’s flashlight if you want a flashlight with varying lumen levels. It contains 9 different kinds of light settings, more than any flashlight of its kind. You can adjust Imalent’s flashlight all the way down to a mere 700 lumens, making it perfect for almost any situation that warrants a flashlight at all, at least in terms of lighting.

There are two things that set Imalent’s flashlight back. First, it is severely lacking in battery power. It only lasts about 14 hours on its lowest setting before it needs to be recharged. On its highest setting, it only lasts about an hour. Also, there is no way that it can be used without holding it. To do this, you’ll need to find some way to set it on some kind of platform.

#4. Best Outdoor Searchlight: Eornmor Handheld LED Spotlight

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High powered flashlights use a lot of power, as their name implies. While their main purpose is to provide light, most of them do not provide power to other devices. While some believe that this is negligible, it is a feature that can benefit many. This is especially true of flashlights that have high brightness levels which can certainly power other devices.

You’ll have the opportunity to charge other devices with Eornmor’s flashlight. Not only does it provide just as much light as any given spotlight design of flashlight, but it also contains a USB port that you can charge nearly any device in. The best part about this is that it does not take away power from the light itself, either.

While most high powered flashlights and spotlights claim to be water resistant, most are not truly water resistant. You do not need to deal with how water-resistant Eornmor’s flashlight is. It is completely water resistant, protecting against splashing from any given angle. This makes it perfect if you need it for outdoor activities where you are around a lot of water, such as fishing.

There is one glaring drawback to Eornmor’s flashlight and that is that it only has two light settings. One shines at 6000 lumens and the other shines at 2500 lumens. A lot more flashlights contain a lot more options and this is a shame.

#5. Best Lumen LED Flashlight: YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight

YIERBLUE Rechargeable spotlight, Super Bright 10000 Lumen LED Handheld spotlight 10000mAh Long Lasting Large Flashlight Searchlight and Flood Camping Flashlight with Foldable Tripod(Silver)

Flashlights that contain spotlight levels of brightness are useful in their own right, but they can be a little difficult to carry. Most of them have a design that forces you to carry it on your side and this makes them a little less comfortable to carry than they should be.

This issue, as minor, as it might be, is completely solved with Yierblue’s flashlight. While it is still very bright at 6000 lumens, it has a pistol grip design, making it much easier to carry around than other flashlights like it. This also makes it a lot more convenient to use.

Using Yierblue’s flashlight without using your hands is also convenient and easy. It comes with an adjustable stand that functions as a small tripod of sorts, and this is a little better than other flashlights that allow you to use it hands-free, as other flashlights that have similar stands are not as stable.

Something else that sets Yierblue’s flashlight apart from others in a good way is the sidelight function that it has. Aside from it being another contribution to its hands-free usage, these sidelights have strobe options that other flashlights tend not to have.

You get nearly zero brightness options with Yierblue’s flashlight, however. 6000 lumens is the brightest and the least bright that it gets, and there exist more than a few flashlights that contain more brightness options.

High Powered Flashlights – A Buying Guide

high powered flashlights

As simple as the concept of a high powered flashlight is, they are not all the same in their usage.

You should consider a few things as you determine which high powered flashlight is best for you.

Which situation will you need your high powered flashlight for the most?

High powered flashlights are used for lighting up dark areas. That much is obvious.

From this, there exist numerous different situations for when you will need a high powered flashlight.

The other considerations will revolve around this consideration but you need to determine which situation you encounter most frequently.

Do you do outdoor activities at night?

Doing outdoor activities at night will require you to have a high powered flashlight so that you can see what you are doing and where you are going.

To do this the right way, you’ll probably want a high powered flashlight that contains a lot of features, such as brightness adjustments or the ability to charge other devices.

Do you work at night?

Working at night will obviously require you to use a high powered flashlight.

The brightness levels of this flashlight that you need depend on what kind of work you are doing at night, however.

Take doing highway construction at night, for example.

Doing this will require you to have a high powered flashlight that has a very high brightness level.

It is up to you to determine how bright you need your flashlight to be if you are working at night.

How long will you need to use the flashlight?

Some high powered flashlights last nearly all day, and some of them last only a few hours.

While this is largely dependent on the flashlight’s different features and brightness levels, you’ll come across some high powered flashlights that have batteries that last decisively longer or shorter than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most powerful LED flashlight?

A: Like any other device that provides light, the brightness levels of any given flashlight are expressed in lumens. The most powerful LED flashlights contain a brightness level containing tens of thousands of lumens, if not hundreds of thousands. This will allow you to reach several football fields with the light.

Q: What flashlights do police use?

A: Law enforcers use flashlights that are designed for easy access and for emergencies. Most of the flashlights that law enforcers use are a lot smaller in size but give off a lot of light. They also contain features that are used in emergencies, such as strobing and other such features. Law enforcers also use flashlights that have a spotlight effect when they are stationary.

Q: How many lumens is a police flashlight?

A: While most of the flashlights that law enforcers use are small, they are also extremely bright. However, they are not bright enough to blind anybody. Most flashlights that police use are about 2000 or 3000 lumens in brightness. This allows them to illuminate those who they are dealing with properly while not hurting anybody.

Q: How many lumens will temporarily blind someone?

A: It takes a lot of light to temporarily blind somebody, a lot more than anybody could imagine. If you are exposed to as many as 4000 lumens or more for a very long time, you will be blinded temporarily. However, this only happens if you stare into the light like that for a long time. Being around a light that bright is harmless.

Q: How many lumens should a weapon light be?

A: Lights that are connected to weapons, such as blades or firearms, need to be able to extend for very long distances. To do this, they’ll require a lot more lumens than most common flashlights. Most tactical flashlights that are connected to most weapons have a lumen level of a little over 2000.


Whether you are camping, working outside at night, fishing, or doing any other kind of outdoor activity at night, you’ll want a high powered flashlight that will allow you to see everything in front of you.

Sometimes you’ll need to see these things in great detail and sometimes you’ll want the wireandcutter best flashlight to cover a large area.

It is up to you to see which kinds of high powered flashlights do this the most efficiently for you.