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Nobody enjoys doing laundry. The thought of separating the overflowing clothes, adding detergent, and waiting to transfer the heap to a dryer is frustrating. Even worse, is the fact that it will eventually come out folded and full of wrinkles. Well, because laundry is a must-do thing anyway, it is necessary to make life and process easier?

Thankfully, dryer balls are handy in shortening the drying time and leave the laundry with a soft feel. And more, the items have no chemicals or additional substances, so keep the clothes and skin safe. This means you no longer have a reason to complain about any hinderances and hatred of doing it. So, what is the hype behind this product?

In case you are not aware, dryer balls are a workable alternative to the earliest fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Basically, the little balls perform magic and make the entire laundry process better. As usual, they come with a set of benefits thus making them worth considering.

Wondering whether you need to experience or start feeling the impacts of their balls? Here are some of the most recommended best dryer balls available in the market today. Check out below for the great options.

Editor’s Picks : Top 5 Best Dryer Balls

Top 5 Best Dryer Balls Reviews

1. Budieggs Wool Dryer Balls Review

Budieggs Wool Dryer Balls Organic XL 6-Pack, 100% New Zealand Chemical Free Fabric Softener for 1000+ Loads, Baby Safe & Hypoallergenic, Reduce Wrinkles & Shorten Drying Time Naturally

If you are looking for a product that reduces the most important household aspects during laundry, then considering organic dryer balls is the ideal answer. The Budieggs is listed among the top balls because it cares for the environment user and the clothes. Besides, it comes packed in an eco-friendly bag that eliminates contamination.

Designed from pure natural wool this gives the balls an ability to bring some safety and softness to your family. Of course, there are no more chemical irritations so even the baby clothing can be dried without any worries. The fabrics come out fluffy and sweet-scented thus bringing a comfortable experience. You have no more need to iron the fabrics since the potential wrinkles or twisting are reduced.

Incredibly, the balls have a firm feel to enable you to reuse them over time. They will not lose the original shape even after many cycles. This cuts on frequent budgeting for liquid softeners or dryer sheets. Besides using this is a creative way to avoid irritation from harsh chemicals and smell. Its extra-large size improves the whole performance.


  • Economic package
  • Clothes come out fluffy
  • Chemical-free


  • Messes the dryer tray sometimes
  • Some have dark hairs that make them unpleasant
  • Not fit for all fabrics

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2. Friendsheep Dryer Balls Review

Wool Dryer Balls by Friendsheep 6 Pack XL Organic Premium Reusable Cruelty Free Handmade Fair Trade No Lint Fabric Softener Brown Sheep'Flock of Friends'

For households that have family members with allergies, sensitive skins, and even babies, the organic balls from Friendsheep are an ideal choice. The design using the best wool quality from New Zealand guarantees that it does not leave behind chemicals. Every user is sure to enjoy using the balls because it will not reduce the rate of cloth absorbency. Of course, it is everyone’s happiness to receive the efficiency during laundry without ruining the layers in your fabrics.

The products are highly versatile with an increase in the daily application. The balls are eco-friendly and can be used for more than 1000 loads. Besides, this reduces the waiting time for drying by around 20 to 40percent. Because it has no lint it works perfectly on dark, bright, and colored clothes.

During use, the dryer balls increase the natural softness and durability of clothes. The fabrics remain smooth since there is a reduction of wrinkling and creases. Being organic the balls do not pollute the environment. Even more, they come packed in pure cotton bags that are odorless.


  • Beautiful packed
  • Ecofriendly material
  • Clear user manual


  • Sheds darker loads
  • Some static feel remains
  • Causes clogging on dryer sometimes

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3. Homstek Wool Dryer Balls Review

Wool Dryer Balls by Homstek, 6 Pack, XL Size Premium Reusable Natural Fabric Softener, Reduce Clothing Wrinkles and Static, Shorten Drying Time

Homstek is another brand famously known for its organic dryer balls. The package comes with six premium balls that guarantee safety during use by the family. Of course, the material used for making them is chemical-free and pesticide-free. That means the clothing does not interact with any toxic substance. For this reason, using the dryer balls is beneficial to homes having babies and adults with allergies or sensitive skin.

The products reduce laundry energy and time by between 20 to 40%. Every ball bounces off when the dryer is loaded to create enough space among the clothes. That means the warm air inside circulates within to efficiently dry everything. As a result of the process energy consumed is saved thus cutting your bills.

Even more, the items are reusable. Therefore, after buying a single pack of balls, it is guaranteed to run for some months. Indeed, with this, there are no more throwing away a box and even cash.

Like other wool dryer balls, this packet is made from 100percent wool. The balls will undoubtedly tumble your clothing gently, naturally, soften the fabrics and reduce wrinkles.


  • Natural laundry softener
  • Reduce wrinkles, and static
  • Shortens the drying time
  • Reusable


  • The fine fibers leave the balls for your clothes
  • Sometimes noisy in the dryer
  • Not effective on bulky blankets

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4. LEVIBASIC Wool Dryer Balls Review

Wool Dryer Balls 6 Pack XL, 3' Genuine New Zealand Wool to Core, 100% Organic Fabric Softener Alternative, Baby Safe & Chemical Free, Reduce Wrinkles & Shorten Drying Time by LEVIBASIC (White-6pcs)

Clean laundry should always touch the whole family’s hearts. Of course, since clothes are the closest to the skin, it is worth considering using chemical-free products. The process is made complete by environmentally-friendly merino sheep dryer balls.

Levibasic offers a natural laundry alternative designed using 100percent wool from New Zealand. The package has extra-large rolled balls that are certainly reusable and money-saving. The products have superior, tight, and long-lasting construction.

Unlike the other plastic balls that are noisy, these organic balls produce a gentle sound during use. The design makes them not to twist your clothes but leave your fabrics fluffier, softer, with fewer wrinkles and static cling. In case, you have pets this will come handy to help in removing any hair sticking to your clothes.

The six-pack laundry balls come stuffed in a smart secured cotton bag. The drawstrings make it easy to close and retains the ball’s cleanliness. You can organize items inside perfectly present it as a gift during bridal showers, baby showers, or any occasion. This product is entirely eco-friendly and made with everyone’s health in mind. It leaves no chemicals in the dryers so ideal for use on baby clothes and by people with sensitive skin.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Lasts for many loads
  • Reduces drying time


  • Can disintegrate in the dryer
  • Not suitable for comforters
  • Noisy sometimes

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5. Teemour Handmade Dryer Balls Review

Wool Dryer Balls Organic XL 6-Pack Natural Fabric Softener Laundry Dryer Ball 100% New Zealand Fabric Softener for 1000+ Loads Baby Safe & Hypoallergenic (6 White)

Attaining a quick and safe laundry process especially drying has no shortcuts. The Teemour reusable natural fiber softener provides this desired experience. Indeed, the product boasts of high-quality wool, that enables it to save energy and time needed to dry clothes.

This choice is the best way to reducing energy use. The balls are firm and large enough to resist damage from heavy-duty applications. Its handmade construction and filling using premium wool offer an amazing absorbency and reusability. You can use again every piece many times before discarding them.

The balls have a safety guarantee for use in drying baby clothes and even for use by people having skin reactions. Your laundry at home will be enjoyable with the optimal performance on lint and wrinkles reduction. Created with the same sizes, 2.75inches, it gives an ultimate result.

The high-quality wool makes the balls durable and effective, unlike the plastic dryer balls. Besides, there is no additive used thus keeping the skin healthy and without contact with chemicals.


  • Environment and skin safe
  • Shortened drying time
  • Wrinkle-free and soft clothes


  • Static cling not eliminated
  • Covered with lint
  • Pilling sometimes occur

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Do The Dryer Balls Really Work?

One question that often comes from many people who have not used dryer balls before is the effectiveness. Of course, the products bring a satisfying feeling which is the point of using them. They work very well by making laundry to become dry slightly faster and easy.

Unlike cycles with no dryer balls, the clothing is separated from the first few minutes. The bouncing balls gently shake the fibers thus contributing to both softening and, reduced wrinkles on the fabric. The difference is significant and clear due to the minimal static cling experienced.

Best Dryer Balls

Additionally, dryer balls absorb and retain excess moisture through the cycle. This also helps raise the humidity levels that limit the potential static occurrence until complete drying is attained. Based on this, it is very evident that dryer balls usually reduce the drying time.

The impact however from the balls varies depending on the type of clothing to be dried, the model of dryer used, the number of balls added, and the material of balls. Luckily, the products are reasonably priced, need no effort during use, and comes in a plethora of choices. So, you have a reason to give the balls a try today.

FAQ Section on Best Dryer Balls

Q: Are Wool or Plastic Dryer Balls Better?

Ans: Basically, the market offers two dryer ball types, namely plastic or wool. It is hard to swear by one because each comes with its pros and cons. One advantage that makes both wonderful options is on the affordability and effectiveness.

Q: Do Dryer Balls Reduce Static?

Ans: If you look forward to minimizing static cling on your clothes, dryer balls are an effective way to achieve that. Of course, these work by releasing positive charges that neutralize occurring electrons from rubbing clothing. This space created thus allows quick circulation of hot air for faster drying.

Q: How Long do Dryer Balls Last?

Ans: Generally, dryer balls can go for many years without any issues. The actual lifespan, however, depends on the brand and the frequency of use. Over time, all types will begin fraying, pilling, and shrinking. That is enough indication for the best time to consider replacing to regain effectiveness. But the product can last between 2 to 5 years.

Q: Can Tennis Balls be Used as Dryer Balls?

Ans: Some friends or life hack articles suggest that tennis balls can work well as dryer balls. After all, they are light and soft enough to create space around the clothes. This idea is not good. Why? Tennis balls produce loud noise upon banging the dryer’s walls. The color of the dye, either yellow or green can move to your laundry. You would not want to see this happen to your favorite clothes.

Q: What Can I Use Instead of Dryer Balls?

Ans: While dryer balls can be used for a longer time, if you need a one-time use product, then a set of dryer sheets will work well. They will imitate the desired softness by rubbing and beating the fabrics to make the fiber soft enough. Besides these also bounce to detach the clothes for even heat circulation and reduce friction and static buildup.



Undoubtedly doing laundry often comes as the least of favorite things worth considering over weekends. Fortunately, there are some hacks and products that can make this everyday chore slightly manageable. Honestly, the best dryer balls truly cut down the time and energy used and extend the clothes’ life.

Keeping in mind that dyer balls cannot magically do the laundry, it is worth noting that the products are packed with many benefits. In case you long for a different laundry smell, then adding your preferred essential oil to the dryer will give that natural and fresh scent.

Making this switch is easier as it provides extra time and reduces energy waste. But why should you keep buying the single-use packs, when you can use dryer balls for limitless washes? You, of course, save money on services like buying fabric softener and leave the clothes fluffed and fresh-smelling.

The market also makes it harder to find the right one for your needs. There are very many types of dryer balls thus the complication of discerning the best product. Hopefully, the reviews above are well broken down to help you know what you can buy online. So, enjoy chemical-free laundry loads without waste.

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